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Just bought a second-hand motorcycle how to maintain?
Release date:2023.08.31

First of all, remind you of one thing: Online shopping second-hand motorcycles, must be purchased through the formal trading platform, now Jiangsu Lianyungang has a group of fraudsters specializing in selling fake goods, they do not trade through the platform, at ultra-low prices to lure you to be fooled, buy back pure scrap.

Secondly, motorcycles bought in regular transactions must be thoroughly inspected, and the main items to be checked are as follows:

First, when buying a used car, do not blindly covet the modified parts, but also must emphasize that all the original parts must be changed to you, if not, you must be careful to buy, because the motorcycle in the transfer process, is the need to check the vehicle, if excessive modification, can not change back may affect your transfer. In addition, some modifications directly affect the performance of your vehicle. For example, there are five CB190SS modified shift lever, the result is quite stuck. The car also raised the handlebars, resulting in each control cable line is too short, friction with the frame, it is estimated that it will not take long to break the skin, so the owner had to change back.

The second is to check the oil, unless you can understand the original accurate maintenance cycle of the motorcycle, otherwise the newly received used car is best to change the oil, you change the specified label of oil according to the model's instructions. When changing the oil, check whether the parts inside the engine are black through the refueling port. If the parts are black, the previous owner cannot maintain them. You should pay attention to whether the engine has chronic burning oil phenomenon. If there is a chronic burning of oil phenomenon, but also to repair the engine four matches.

The third is to check the motorcycle air filter, mainly check two aspects, one is to see whether the air filter is too dusty and clogged, and it is necessary to replace it. The second is to see whether the air filter is original, be sure to use the original, do not accept the refutation.

The fourth is to check the brake system, including the amount of brake oil, whether the brake pump will return, and whether the brake block is excessively worn. Whether the brake disc is deformed, etc., the brake system is the basic guarantee for safe driving, and can not be sloppy.

Other such as tire wear, shock absorption whether oil leakage and so on all check again, after a comprehensive inspection, you will stick a maintenance label, and then according to this comprehensive maintenance as the starting standard, the motorcycle to do regular maintenance.

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