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Nice and fun and wild! Jialing Cool Pony CD series super fun, with feelings!
Release date:2023.09.07

Recently, Jialing's high-end brand small row play pioneer COCO brand popularity remains high, unique explosion small row models are sought after by the majority of motorcycle friends, especially with JH70 as the prototype of the new evolution of the retro Pony CD series, reproduce the classic at the same time, into a very modern science and technology fashion design, Once became the "new darling" of the younger generation of the market.

With the rise of the post-90 and post-00 consumer groups, the market consumption structure has undergone major changes, and more and more young people are playing with motorcycles, and the retro trend is becoming increasingly popular at present, and the trend of fun, fashion personality, and retro style motorcycles have become popular among young men and women in the Z era. As the classic "god car" of the "elder" level of the motorcycle industry, Jialing 70 carries the good memory of several generations, and the fully upgraded Pony CD series has its own retro feelings, and the fashionable fun attribute + classic retro modeling has triggered the general resonance of the public, and quickly set off the market hot sales.

The Pony CD series is divided into classic and climbing versions, of which the classic model has 70CC and 125CC displacement options, and the climbing version only has a 125CC displacement. 125 version of the power using 133 fire Kirin second generation engine, maximum power 6.2kw, maximum torque 9.2nm, abundant low-torque power can provide the vehicle strong acceleration and climbing performance, super playability, outdoor small wild one is not bad.


70 version of the operation is flexible, stable power performance, fuel consumption is more economical, maximum power up to 3.5kw, maximum torque 4.5nm, for urban commuting, shopping is very practical. Classic version 70cc price 5970 yuan, 125cc price is 6780 yuan, so a very popular price is rare in the field of cross-cycling, new motorcycle friends can easily enjoy the classic charm and personality of the tide fun.

In terms of appearance design, Kuke Pony CD continues the design essence of Jialing JH70, while integrating modern fashion elements on the basis of traditional classics, the vehicle line is still straight from the front to the rear of the car, only the water drop shaped fuel tank is slightly ups and downs, and the T-shaped backbone suspension frame, to a great extent, retains the classic "God car" retro charm. Overall visual fullness. Front face design unique personality, with LED lens retro round headlights, with a strong sense of modern black embellishment, low-key elegant without losing high-end atmosphere, it can be said that every detail processing is long in the aesthetic point of modern young people.

In terms of configuration, Pony CD is equipped with a full LCD digital display instrument, larger fuel tank, thick non-skid tires, front disc brakes, and the conventional configuration of modern science and technology, making the vehicle more convenient, more practical and safer. Caterpillar seat cushion, front shock absorber dust jacket, steel spoke wheel hub, stainless steel torpedo exhaust, chrome plated small round mirror, closed chain box, built-in hydraulic rear shock absorber and other functional configuration with good quality, exquisite work, retro feeling full. Upgraded stainless steel torpedo silencer, more retro texture and beauty, high force, retro practical configuration, full of classic styling, crazy "planting grass" Z era young men and women, red the whole network.

In terms of control, the Pony CD series uses a lightweight body to make it more easy to drive, whether it is turning, turning, climbing and climbing, especially for female riders and new motorcycle friends that is quite friendly. The quality and stability of the vehicle is excellent, even in the cruise state of 40-50km/h, you can maintain a straight line, almost no signs of deviation. The front disc brake + rear drum brake brake system makes the safety more secure and is loved by young knights.

Pony CD climbing version is priced at 7380 yuan, the overall structure, configuration and product innovation are similar to the classic version, but in product positioning but cleverly subdivided the market. Pony CD climbing version style and driving experience has a strong climbing blood, the model uses easy to manipulate lightweight car direction, ultra-long shock absorber travel, raised fender, in the retro charm into more off-road practical elements, not only from a visual look will know its "wild", the sound wave is also more powerful than the classic version, with excellent climbing ability.

Climbing version seat height of 790mm, ground clearance of 230mm, showing a high through the hard driving posture, light, high chassis, cross-country tire opposite attributes, on the non-paved road, you can ignore gravel, bumps, flying slope, road constraints, even if the senior motorcycle friends want to show a stunt are no pressure. Pony CD climbing version of hard off-road flavor is rich, So easy to deal with urban commuting, occasionally come to a forest road crossing, run a mountain, scatter a wild completely no words, can be said to be fun attributes directly full!

Although the Pony CD climbing version is not a serious off-road motorcycle, it is more suitable for new motorcycle friends to explore the off-road field and experience the fun and passion of wilderness driving. In addition, the Pony CD series has reserved enough space for modification, which can be DIY according to its own aesthetic needs, really nice and fun, and fully create the unique cool personality of the owner!

As a veteran motorcycle enterprise, Jialing brand heritage and influence industry is obvious, quality is more reliable. At present, for different user needs, cool Pony CD segment launched three versions, regardless of quality, performance, or reputation, sales or quite good, users can according to travel needs, their own budget reference to buy.

Classic inheritance, regain feelings! At present, as a small row straddle model, the fully upgraded Jialing Kuke Pony CD series is not only full of retro appearance, but also multiple positioning market segments with super affordable prices and excellent quality performance, and the comprehensive performance of power, configuration and control is also excellent. Such retro feelings full, fun and good looking and wild network red explosive products, how can all Moo friends not love?

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