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Where's all the used motor oil from the motorcycle?
Release date:2023.09.07

Motorcycles regularly change the oil, we change down the waste oil if random pour, a liter of waste oil can pollute 0.2 square kilometers of water, natural elimination of its pollution takes 40 years. One liter of waste oil can pollute 1 million liters of drinking water and 40 square meters of land, which is equivalent to the water consumption of 14 people in a year. Therefore, I really do not approve of Moyou to change the oil yourself, because the oil you change is likely to be dumped at will!

What will be done with the oil replaced at the maintenance station? Must be sold to waste oil, there are a lot of waste oil, they are mysterious, you ask him how to dispose of the waste oil received, they will casually answer you a few words, either say to burn, or say to sell to the construction boss of the mold. Since I participated in the Zhengzhou Mo Dao Chevron oil conference, I know how to deal with waste oil.

Now waste oil is to be qualified recycling enterprises, their recycling of waste oil are sold to large oil refining enterprises, these enterprises will receive the waste oil through precipitation, distillation, pickling, alkali washing, and then through adsorption, filtration, waste oil will produce gasoline, diesel, building materials separation agent and oil base oil, etc., of course, This production of gasoline and diesel is certainly not as good as oil refining, but it can be used as fuel, not on the engine, and about 20% of the base oil is mixed with fresh oil base for re-production of engine oil. This is standard waste oil utilization. Such oil recovery is equivalent to turning waste oil into waste oil, and the cost involved in refining and the refining process are not ordinary small enterprises can be competent. Therefore, the price of waste oil sold to qualified recycling agencies will not be too high.

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However, if it is sold to an unqualified waste oil recycling company, what kind of transformation will the waste oil experience after entering a small workshop? Most of the used oil will be directly transformed into inferior "new oil" after several procedures. Generally, these small workshops will recover the waste oil for precipitation treatment, after filtering the impurities, as long as an additive is added, and then refined, the black waste oil can become transparent "new oil", and the color can almost be fake! Then special filling into big brand oil, online sales, the current packaging counterfeiting process level is very high, generally fake Mobil, Castrol, Shell and other well-known brands, when you buy the oil price and the physical store is very different, you may win the bid.

Authentic brand oil and recycled oil is difficult to distinguish from the appearance, some people say that it can be separated from the smell, the general genuine oil smell mild and rich, and recycled oil has a pungent smell, especially the fuel smell is heavy. Genuine oil color light transparent, without any impurities, and good fluidity. The fake oil is relatively dark in color, mostly dark brown, and has slight impurities, and poor fluidity.

However, all fake oil has one thing in common, the price is cheaper than the genuine product, and the channel source is irregular. Therefore, in order to avoid buying fake oil, it is recommended that users change the oil through the local regular service station to avoid being cheated.
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