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Motorcycle battery maintenance and maintenance
Release date:2023.09.07

Motorcycle battery as a power supply reserve center of the vehicle, mainly plays the role of power supply, voltage regulation, and current storage, especially after the motorcycle EFI, most motorcycles cancel the foot start device, and all the start of the motorcycle can only rely on the battery. Therefore, it is particularly important to maintain the strong fighting power of motorcycle batteries.

However, in the normal use of the vehicle, as long as the reasonable use, in fact, the battery does not need excessive care, so there is no need to care too much about some of its conditions, after all, the performance of this part is more reliable. However, due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus this year, many users are closed at home, and most motorcycles have not been ridden for a long time, resulting in battery loss. Therefore, today, Xiaobian will tell you about some battery maintenance and maintenance.

1. Reliable connection of positive and negative poles;

During the use of the battery, because of some oxidation reactions, the connection of the pile head will be loosened or corroded. In this state, the charging and discharging of the battery are affected, so the reliability of the connection of the battery pile head must be ensured. If necessary, high temperature grease can be applied to delay the occurrence of this phenomenon. The battery should be removed every certain period of time for rust cleaning, so as not to rust in the future can not be removed.

2, long-term disuse to remove stitches;

Motorcycle in the use of the process, will charge the battery, so the general motorcycle normal use of the motorcycle is not a loss of power phenomenon, for the battery, excessive charging and excessive discharge are fatal injuries. If the motorcycle is not used for a long time, it is necessary to remove the battery connection positive and negative wires, which can effectively slow down the speed of battery discharge, usually remove the battery wire should start from the negative electrode, because this can avoid the occurrence of spark phenomenon, and the installation needs to be reversed.

3, check the liquid level;

This work is limited to water and electricity bottles and can be eliminated for maintenance-free batteries. During the use of water and electricity bottles, the electrolyte will evaporate, resulting in a reduction in the electrolyte, which affects the storage capacity of the battery, and also reduces the performance and life of the battery, so the water battery should be checked once in the first half year or so, the liquid plane should be kept in the middle of the upper and lower scale line, if it is lower than the bottom line, you need to add distilled water. And no more than the top line.

4, proper charging;

If the frequency of use of their own motorcycle is not high, and the use of the battery has a bad start, it means that the battery has lost power, then it is necessary to charge the battery. When charging, do not let the battery charge overnight, and away from the fire source point, because the battery charging process will release flammable and explosive gas, easy to produce fire.

5, do not randomly install electrical equipment,

Many motorcycle owners like to install some snail horns and flash lights on their motorcycles, and excessive installation of electrical appliances is quite unfavorable to the battery of the motorcycle. How large the battery is installed on the motorcycle is designed according to the current needs of the electrical components of the vehicle itself, if the installation of high-power electrical equipment, it will increase the burden of the battery, so in principle, it is not recommended to change the line and install additional electrical equipment.

The above is the motorcycle battery in the use process often pay attention to maintenance and maintenance matters, if properly maintained, the general original car battery can basically be used for more than four years, when the motorcycle is in use for more than four or five years, if the battery often starts bad phenomenon, it is necessary to consider replacing the battery.

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