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A motorcycle repairman's secret: good cars are "repaired"!
Release date:2023.09.14

Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer masters in the motorcycle repair industry, so what kind of repair level can be considered a "master"?

1, from the sound of the engine, you can determine where the problem is;

2, replace the least parts, to achieve the best maintenance effect;

3, own a complete set of repair process, and operation standards;

4, fast repair speed!

How many of you can do this? What is the impression of today's repair industry, that is, dirty and tired, may be full of oil all day, and the income is still very low, the real master is generally changed. In order to have superb car repair technology, it generally takes ten years to learn and practice, and to understand the working principle of the machinery and the circuit, and the people who stick to the end are few and far between!

Nowadays, most of the maintenance workers in some roadside shops have not carried out professional theoretical learning, and they can not get the advice of the master. Car repair is actually to change the parts, change this piece can not then change another part, the demolition of a half day, the good car is broken is a normal phenomenon, every time can be repaired once this is not normal! Of course, being burdened by price and profit, the use of market accessories is also a fatal blow to some good motorcycles, and good cars are often repaired in this way!

Take a small air filter, probably most people think that the air filter is similar, as long as you change it. Can know that the regular replacement is not understand maintenance, but the market inferior air filter is a fatal blow to the motorcycle engine, as long as the replacement of an inferior air filter to travel about 1000 kilometers, the engine basically has to be overdone, because the installation of inferior filter is easy to leak, and the filter paper ventilation effect is poor.

In addition, the screws on each part of the motorcycle are standard strength, may not be tight enough will be too loose, too tight may cause the screw to break!

A good mechanic, what you have to do is how to save money for customers, even if your repair technology is lacking, but a good attitude is very important. A true car repair master needs not only superb car repair technology, but more importantly, a good professional ethics!

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