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Practical tips for motorcycle maintenance
Release date:2023.09.21

 1: Oil

The engine is equivalent to the heart of the motorcycle, and the importance of oil maintenance is beyond doubt. It is recommended to replace the oil at 500 kilometers for the first time, replace it at about 1200 kilometers for the second time, replace it at about 2500 kilometers for the third time, and replace it at about every 2500-3000 kilometers.

2. Brake pads

The quality of brake pads is crucial to the safety of our riding. For the usual front disc brake, it is recommended to check and replace about 15,000 kilometers, and the rear disc brake can be extended to 30,000 kilometers. Of course, everyone's cycling habits are different, the replacement cycle of the brake pads is not fixed, when the thickness of the brake pads is significantly reduced by 2/3, it must be replaced.

Step 3: Tires

Tire replacement cycle is generally 20,000 kilometers, different materials of tires, please refer to the specific instructions. Secondly, check the tire pressure regularly to avoid the inconvenience caused by low tire pressure. When driving over the bumpy road, timely check whether the tire surface card small stones, etc., timely treatment.


4. Battery

Motorcycle batteries are generally replaced every three years, if the car habit is not good, it may need to be replaced in 1 to 2 years. The surface of the battery should be kept clean to prevent debris from entering the battery and causing short circuit and self-discharge. The battery shell should also be maintained to prevent breakage.

5. Air filter element

The air filter element filters impurities from the fuel and protects the carburetor and engine. If the air filter element is not replaced in time, it will lead to a serious lack of engine power and increased fuel consumption. The air filter is recommended to be replaced every 5000 km and cleaned regularly every few months.

6. Wash regularly

Driving such as dressing, regular cleaning can not only reduce the corrosion of dirt on the body, but also maintain the luster of the body and look pleasing to the eye. In addition, be careful not to clean the car wash shop, the direct injection of high pressure water gun is easy to damage the internal electronic precision parts of the car body.

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