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Motorcycle fuel consumption is big how to do?
Release date:2023.09.21

1, the oil viscosity is high

The higher viscosity of the oil will increase the resistance of the internal operation of the engine, and the oil flow speed is slow, resulting in an increase in fuel consumption. Choosing the right viscosity oil can also effectively control fuel consumption.

2, the air filter has not been replaced for a long time

If the air filter is not cleaned or replaced for a long time, it will seriously affect the intake volume of the engine, resulting in an increase in fuel consumption of the engine with insufficient power. It is recommended that the owners clean or replace the air filter on schedule.

3, the spark plug is not in good condition

Spark plug used for a long time increased carbon deposit, spark plug gap is also increased, which can lead to poor ignition performance, engine power decline, fuel consumption increase. It is recommended to distinguish the replacement cycle according to different spark plug materials.


4. The oxygen sensor is faulty

When the oxygen sensor fails, the oil-gas mixture ratio will be affected, which not only significantly consumes oil, but also may cause the exhaust color to deepen, the emission is not up to standard, and the carbon accumulation spikes during driving.

5, the engine carbon deposit

It is recommended to add authentic maintenance or cleaning fuel additives to the motorcycle fuel tank regularly, avoid long-term low-speed riding, and occasionally pull high-speed, which can effectively reduce carbon deposition.

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