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The method of cleaning carbon deposit of electric spray motorcycle
Release date:2023.09.27

After the motorcycle EFI, although there is no carburetor, but the throttle valve is still there, if there is no cleaning for a long time, the throttle carbon deposit of the EFI motorcycle will be very serious, and the combustion chamber of the engine carbon deposit is serious, it will also make the motorcycle idle unstable, easy to stall, increase fuel consumption and other phenomena.

First, how is the carbon deposition of the electric spray motorcycle produced?

All heat engines will produce carbon deposits when working, but the production of carbon deposits is serious or not, if the correct use and maintenance, the phenomenon of serious carbon deposits will take a long time, if the vehicle is seriously lack of maintenance, then it will not take long to produce serious carbon deposits.

Insufficient combustion, the volatility of gasoline, the quality of oil, improper motorcycle operation, and too long maintenance cycle are all causes of carbon deposition.

Second, the impact of carbon accumulation on motorcycles

For example, the carbon deposit (sediment) on the throttle valve is an important reason for directly affecting the driving power and high fuel consumption of the motorcycle, it is attached to the throttle valve position changes, the computer receives this error signal at idle, calculates the wrong amount of fuel, directly affects the fuel consumption, and further produces carbon deposit, directly affects the power of the motorcycle;

Due to the carbon accumulation of the intake and exhaust valves, the valve is not tightly closed, and the working face of the valve will be ablated (commonly known as the combustion valve) in the high temperature environment of the combustion chamber for a long time. In fact, just like you have to dust the fan for a long time, it will directly affect the difficulty of starting the engine, idling instability and other phenomena.

If the combustion chamber carbon accumulation is serious, the dry carbon accumulation absorbs a large number of gasoline molecules in the combustible mixture, in the cold car, the engine requires a concentrated mixture, due to the carbon adsorption of gasoline into the cylinder of the mixture becomes thin, the computer calculation should be more injection of oil, and the carbon absorption of gasoline molecules volatilized out of the second injection of oil, so that the mixture becomes thick again. In this way, a vicious circle is formed, which increases the tendency of the engine to knock, so that the cold car is difficult to start and the fuel consumption is increased.

Third, the method of cleaning up carbon deposition of electric spray motorcycle?

1, directly disassemble and clean;

Cleaning engine carbon requires a special cleaning agent, the scientific name is called carburetor cleaning agent, such products are sold in the motorcycle parts wholesale department and online, the price is also from ten to dozens of yuan, generally a bottle can be cleaned about three times.

Cleaning the engine carbon deposit needs to be carried out by a professional maintenance station, because after the engine cleaning, the electric injection system needs to be initialized, and many maintenance workers are not proficient in the electric injection system, which may easily produce the electric injection system failure.

2, add carbon deposition when refueling;

New continent Honda carbon is composed of polymer amine compounds, base oil and high flash point solvent, can effectively clean the nozzle, improve atomization conditions, clean the engine oil supply system, maintain good working conditions, reduce corrosion phenomenon, protect the engine.

Generally, every time the scooter is filled with oil (about 6 liters of fuel tank), use a carbon deposit, every time the straddle cycle is filled with oil (about 12 liters of fuel tank), use two carbon deposits, and every time the large-displacement motorcycle is filled with oil (about 17 liters of fuel tank), use three carbon deposits, refueling should first add carbon deposits, and then refuel, so that carbon deposits and gasoline are fully integrated. Carbon deposition does not need to be added every time refueling, but every 3,000 kilometers can be added.

The advantage of accretion carbon is that the carbon deposit of the engine can be removed without removing the engine. If good maintenance is combined with regular accretion carbon, your EFI motorcycle will certainly not have serious carbon deposition.

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