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The structure of motorcycle oil filter and the identification of true and false
Release date:2023.09.27

The oil filter is generally equipped with motorcycles with more than 250 displacement. The oil filter is covered with an iron shell, which can not be seen, the quality of the material can not be distinguished, the price varies from a dozen to more than 80 pieces, because the motorcycle friend can not distinguish the quality of the oil filter, anyway, it looks similar, it is covered in the iron shell, then choose a cheap, if this is the case, it is easy to step on the pit.

The oil filter element is composed of a shell, a sealing ring, a check valve, a filter paper, a bypass valve, and a fixed spring. This structure seems simple enough, but how does the difference in price and quality come about? In fact, the main difference is the material.

For example, the sealing ring and check valve, with inferior rubber, cheap, but the sealing is not good, the test we see before is to tell you the importance of sealing. When the motorcycle is working, the oil with pressure from the oil pump enters the oil filter through the check valve. When the engine is turned off, the oil pump does not work, and the oil in the oil filter will form a reverse pressure to push the check valve to the oil inlet hole, thus producing a seal, so that there is always a certain pressure of oil in the oil filter, without oil leakage. When the engine is working again, The oil in the oil filter can be sprayed to all parts of the engine lubrication immediately, if the oil in the oil filter after the pressure relief, the engine starts, the oil should be filled with the oil filter and then sprayed to the lubrication system, which will cause the engine to have no oil supply in a short period of time, thus extending the cold wear time of the engine parts and causing greater damage to the engine parts.

The filterability of oil filter paper also varies greatly, so there is a difference in price.

There is a by-pass valve, the role of the by-pass valve is that when we have not changed the oil filter for a long time, the oil filter paper has been blocked, then the oil pressure in the filter shell will be increased, so that the top of the by-pass valve will be opened, and the oil will not be the filter element, and the oil will be sprayed directly into the engine lubrication system. Therefore, not changing the oil filter for a long time means that the oil filter does not work, which is definitely not good for the engine. Zhengzhou Mo Dao production of Moo oil filter added a metal filter on the bypass valve, how much can play some filtering role, I heard that this is their design patent.

Finally, the positioning spring, the positioning spring plays the role of fixing the filter paper, if the quality of the spring is not good, when the motorcycle is bumpy, the filter paper may be dislocated, so that it can not filter the oil.

It can be seen that a small oil filter, there are still many doors in the purchase of oil filters, we must first look at the appearance, generally high-quality filters have plastic film packaging, and then tear the plastic film, see whether the word printing of the shell is neat, and then reach out to the inside. Tip the filter paper to both sides, if the top does not move, it is OK to fix. Finally, the oil filter or choose a big brand, try to go to the physical store to buy, because, your motorcycle once the quality of the oil filter caused damage, you can also claim, if bought online, the cost of rights protection is large.

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