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Motorcycle electrification: Is it a beautiful future or a beautiful legend?
Release date:2023.09.27

If you collect the views of the fuel motorcycle based group, the almost unified answer is: the motorcycle lost the mechanical roar and vibration, it lost its soul, so the motorcycle electric is a beautiful legend!

If it is placed in the electric vehicle media to collect views, it is unified that the future of motorcycles will all go electric, which is the inevitable result of the national strategy, environmental protection requirements, and mass travel needs. Besides, each has its own evidence.

The evidence that recognizes the electrification of motorcycles is that the automotive industry is moving towards the high speed of electrification, and motorcycles will certainly be the same path. Byd has entered the electric motorcycle, in addition to the domestic Yadi in the close layout of high-end electric motorcycles, there are many new forces have entered, such as the exhibition of Philo, Dafen riding and other brands. Domestic traditional fuel vehicle companies have their own high-end electric vehicle brands. In terms of foreign companies, Honda announced that all motorcycles will be electrified by 2040, and European and American companies have announced their high-end electric vehicle products. And a lot of big brands are individually or jointly launched the power model. Although the cost of batteries is currently high, if the battery is in mass production, the cost of the entire electric vehicle will be greatly reduced, which is the golden age of motorcycle electrification. It can be seen that motorcycle electrification is imperative.


The evidence against motorcycle electrification is that there is a ceiling limit of battery technology in motorcycle electrification, which leads to electric motorcycles can not be quickly refueling and long-distance endurance like fuel motorcycles, after all, to guide the transformation and upgrading of motorcycles to large displacement, travel adventure motorcycles are indispensable, and this electric motorcycles can not be completed.

Second, although high-end electric motorcycles solve the problem of speed or endurance, the safety of the battery, the charging time, and the attenuation of the battery are the limitations that can not be solved by electric vehicles. And at present, the price of 30,000 to 50,000 is even more so that high-end electric motorcycles are not popular, no one wants to buy them.

As for some foreign companies to announce that all fuel vehicles will be electric in 2040, it may have more electric technology reserves we may not know, so we have the right to believe that he has this ability, but such companies in a short period of 17 years, the entire motorcycle industry by fuel vehicles into the electric, this ability can not not make people suspicious. At least none of the Honda electric car products we see now can be considered a success. So where does that promise come from?

Domestic enterprises will be classified, fuel vehicle companies to do high-end electric motorcycles, almost all to make a shout, which sell well? Give me your name! As for Yadi, BYD and other high-end electric motorcycles into the field, I really have doubts about the enterprise being coerced by capital. Let's say Yadi, how many high-end electric motorcycles are sold, dare to come out and take two steps? As for BYD, we do not doubt BYD's advantages in three electric (battery, motor, controller) technology, but BYD's first electric motorcycle X1 is said to sell for 70,000 yuan, I ask the public, are you willing to pay?

So, from the statements and the evidence on both sides, we really can't tell who is on the right side. However, as far as the actual situation of the current Chinese motorcycle market terminal is concerned, I agree that the prospect of high-end motorcycle electrification is worrying. China's current actual situation is the brutal growth of low-end electric vehicles, no bottom line to meet consumer demand. Therefore, although this type of electric vehicle is large, it is almost the existence of garbage trucks.

Although high-end electric motorcycles have a little status in the minds of the young generation, but the first and second tier cities ban motorcycles, the third and fourth tier cities have less audience, where is your market space? Without market space, your amount can not be done, without the amount of support, your cost will not come down, so, high-end electric motorcycles to succeed, please move the mountain!

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