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Long distance motorcycle trip back, how to check the motorcycle maintenance?
Release date:2023.09.27

After hundreds or even thousands of kilometers of riding, many motorcycle friends have similar questions about whether the motorcycle needs maintenance. Today, we will talk about how to judge the loss of the motorcycle and how to maintain the car after a long distance motorcycle trip.

The engine is the big heart of the motorcycle, naturally is the priority to check the maintenance of the parts, the internal condition of the engine can not be judged by the naked eye, the need to use professional instruments to detect, of course, we can also judge the engine condition simply through the sound, start the vehicle to wait for preheating after the stable working state, listen to the engine sound, add the obvious noisy chain sound, Or the valve emits a "dada dada" sound, you need to go to the special 4S shop for inspection and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the engine.

The key is to replace the oil according to the time or kilometers required by the motorcycle, too early or too late to replace the engine's protective effect is not very good, replace the oil on time to ensure the normal operation of the engine, provide lubrication effect, protect parts to reduce wear. The general oil change cycle ranges from 2000km to 5000km, depending on your motorcycle and your own driving conditions.

Puncture is the longest problem encountered on a long road trip, and it is also necessary to check and maintain the tires after the trip. First check whether the tire has spikes or deep scratches, then check whether the tire tread depth is normal, generally tire wear to the point in the sink to maintain parallel, or reach the tire maximum loss scale "△ mark", it means that you should change the tire, the factory for 5 years of tires or serious wear also need to be replaced in time.

The brake system as an important part to ensure that the vehicle slows down and stops, is the guarantee of riding safety, after the end of the long-distance motorcycle trip and even before the start, the brake system must be checked and maintained, first check the brake oil, if below the scale line or no brake after 6 hours of rest, the brake oil needs to be replaced; Secondly, the brake skin can observe the depth of the groove from the caliper side, less than 2mm should be replaced, the brake disc becomes significantly thinner and sharper, or the friction surface is uneven, and it needs to be replaced due to the situation.

The air filter element is commonly known as air filter, the role is to filter the air into the engine combustion chamber, long-distance riding, it will inevitably pass through the air quality is not good, poor road conditions, road dust more areas, these air into the engine intake system will be filtered down, when the filter dust accumulates to a certain extent, it will hinder the air flow, resulting in engine acceleration. Therefore, the air filter should be checked in time, replacing the paper air filter or cleaning the sponge air filter.

Gasoline filter is the most easily ignored part, many people do not know that gasoline has such a filter, although most of the small displacement vehicles are equipped with engine metal mesh oil filters, large displacement vehicles are equipped with paper oil filters, can better filter large particles of oil impurities. It is recommended that the motorcycle friends of long-distance riding clean up the fuel tank and replace the gasoline filter when they come back, after all, the oil in the motorcycle route is difficult to ensure high quality.

The above is as a motorcycle friends of the car put forward some practical suggestions, we can in turn for reference, check and maintain their own car, it is worth mentioning that most of the motorcycle friends do not have professional motorcycle maintenance skills, maintenance tools and maintenance conditions, so the above amount of advice is only as a simple inspection and maintenance method, When your car has more complex problems or to the required maintenance stage, please be sure to enter the store for maintenance.

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