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Why do some motorcycles burn the clutch most easily?
Release date:2023.10.12

"My motorcycle has been riding strangely lately."

"My motorcycle has a hard time getting into gear."

"How is it that the speed of the motorcycle does not go up and the climbing is difficult?"

The above problems are all related to the clutch. The function of the motorcycle clutch is to prevent jumping before starting; At the same time, power is transferred to the transmission with as little loss of kinetic energy as possible.

Yesterday with a new car into the pit of tea, he said that his DL250 only a few hundred kilometers burned the clutch, he admitted that he is a novice, is a young uninhibited heart, to join the motorcycle team, but the motorcycle and motorcycle driving technology really do not understand, so let me give him talk about what motorcycle is easy to burn the clutch.

Motorcycle clutches are diaphragm spring clutches, multi-disc clutches (dry/wet), and DCT (dual-clutch transmission). Most motorcycles use a distributed spring multi-plate clutch, which has a small radial size, that is, a smaller diameter. Good for layout.

In fact, the motorcycle easy to burn the clutch is mainly divided into two categories of reasons, one is the reason of people, the second is the reason of the car, the reason is that the new pit rider, without a more systematic motorcycle driving training, began to ride on the road, his motorcycle speed control is almost mainly rely on the clutch, rather than changing the gear, so, such technology, You can burn the clutch on any bike.

There is also a human reason is to add unqualified oil, which is also easy to lead to vehicle clutch slip, since the 1999 Japan Suzuka circuit occurred a number of racing clutch slip events, there are motorcycle oil and automobile oil standards. Because the clutch of the motorcycle is oil-bath type, only MA/MA2 oil is suitable. In particular, there are some inferior oil or oil that is not changed for a long time, which is more likely to cause the clutch to slip.


Next, talk about the problem of the car, because the problem of the car leads to the phenomenon of easier to burn the clutch is quite common, there are mainly the following types:

1, small horse car models, generally easy to burn the clutch.

First of all, those illegal freight tricycles, that basically can not be classified as motorcycles, should be classified as fast moving consumer goods, a 175cc or 200cc engine, installed in the weight of three or four hundred kilograms of tricycles, the clutch is burned for a year or two at most, the novice is faster, more than a few times the maintenance master is generally not willing to repair, It's faster and cheaper to just replace an engine, and it doesn't cost much anyway, so I say it's FMCG.

Second belongs to the phenomenon of motorcycle class Yangtze River 650, Lifan V16, such as these cars are heavy and lack of flexibility, resulting in the engine easy to burn the clutch, DL250 although there is also a heavy car and engine ratio of the phenomenon, but the quality control of DL250 is generally OK, just meet the novice into the hole, it can not escape.

2, the car with poor assembly quality is easy to burn the clutch,

There are some car displacement and car weight is quite proportional, but it is also easy to burn the clutch, one is the clutch quality problem, the second is such as the clutch cable quality problem, the third is the clutch rocker arm shaft rust does not return and other problems led to the clutch burn.

To sum up, if the clutch is not easy to burn out, when buying a car, we should pay attention to the proportion of the vehicle brand, engine displacement and body weight, and do not blindly pursue the body style, while ignoring the problem of easy to burn the clutch. Secondly, we must carry out the necessary safe driving training, if you do not master the motorcycle driving technology, the accident will become a common phenomenon. Finally, the quality and label of the oil must be selected correctly, otherwise it is easy to cause the clutch to slip.

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