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Why is the price of imported Chinese motorcycles falling?
Release date:2023.10.12

In the last month, the price of the motorcycle circle is too chaotic.

Ducati prices have collapsed, BMW, Kawasaki, these large displacement, performance-based imports of motorcycles a worse than one, and the previous two years of nostrils in the sky attitude is completely different, the final price is basically 7-8% off.

Some extreme unpopular models, the discount given by the store can be 55 percent, such as the Ducati Great Devil.

Imported large displacement motorcycles in the eyes of some people is the existence of the extreme, the price of 50,000 is actually difficult for Chinese consumers to reach the height.

According to the data, the domestic motorcycle displacement structure is mainly 250cc, accounting for about 90% of the total sales, and the vast majority of users are unwilling and unable to consume motorcycles with larger displacement.

There are two reasons, one is that large displacement means that it is not convenient enough, and residents' willingness to use demand is reduced. On the other hand, the symmetry with large displacement is high price, and the vast majority of users cannot pay.


There is a saying in the motorcycle market that is very good, the final destination of the knight is the pedal, and the light and cheap Yuan yuan pedal is the final choice.

The turnover rate of large-displacement motorcycles is very high, especially the imitation race, the daily driving difficulty is high, the comfort is poor, and the risk factor increases with the increase of displacement.

China's "large displacement motorcycle" has a signature product, that is, Kawasaki ninja400, for many later entered the motorcycle market, 400cc displacement, good design, excellent sitting posture and reasonably good quality.

The corresponding price of 50,000 can make many people afford to consume, and many consumers bite their teeth on the ninja400.

However, the impracticality of this product and visual fatigue come very fast, and the subsequent launch of Yamaha, Honda and other more entry-level vehicles have not been able to effectively stimulate the market, the core key is that more people have increased fatigue of this product.

In fact, the increase of 30,000-50,000 400cc class motorcycle market is still relatively large, mainly because the incremental users have always existed, but more than 50,000, especially about 100,000 motorcycle market share has weakened significantly.

The number of imported large displacement motorcycles is increasing, while the user's consumption power is weakened, resulting in the overall delivery of weak, while consumers' understanding and cognition of motorcycles are more, there is a huge premium space behind the motorcycle of more than 100,000, and behind these premium Spaces there is a huge price reduction space.

Users' enthusiasm for consumption has weakened, and the first to fail is enterprises and dealers.

The price of large-displacement motorcycles in the European market is not so expensive at all, for example, the Big Devil 1260s, which is basically sold at a 50% discount, is priced at about 24,000 euros in the European market, and the conversion price is about 180,000, but the domestic guidance price is directly about 260,000.

The price gap of a motorcycle at home and abroad reached 100,000 yuan, which is completely incomprehensible.

In the traditional consumer cognition, motorcycles do not have too strong social attributes, while unable to produce commercial value, then the premium is packaged from the enterprise side, the market is not so big demand.

So in essence, the price of imported motorcycles is its own collapse, a complete imbalance between supply and demand, at present, there is no Chinese motorcycle in the field of large-displacement motorcycles that can fight it.

Imported motorcycles fight with each other, the game between BMW, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ducati and other brands, resulting in a price war more and more obvious, in essence, can also see the price of large displacement motorcycles on the virtual high.

In the future, the prices of these products will normalize, and the ultimate beneficiaries will be the consumers themselves.

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