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Honda new car exposure, equipped with electronic clutch, entry straddle also do not pinch clutch
Release date:2023.10.12

Honda has been making a lot of moves lately in the run-up to the fall show, and today it suddenly unveiled a new black technology, the "E-Clutch," along with what appears to be a new four-cylinder model.

First, a quick look at Honda's "E-Clutch", a technology that, according to a patent previously filed by the government, allows the driver to use electronic control technology to instantly and precisely perform optimal clutch control when the driving force of the motorcycle changes, creating a more natural riding feeling than manual operation. In layman's terms, a Honda motorcycle equipped with E-Clutch can shift gears without having to manually control the clutch.

The Honda "E-Clutch" comes in three modes: an automatic mode that doesn't require a joystick and doesn't stall, a mode that returns to automatic control by disengaging the clutch at will, and a fully manual mode.


In addition, the new "E-Clutch" offers a smoother start, shift and acceleration than a traditional hand-operated clutch. Honda's technology may be more economical and practical than bidirectional electronic express routing.

Although officials did not reveal the exact vehicle, they highlighted the new Honda E-Clutch technology. But according to Honda's previously filed patents, the first new car equipped with this technology will be a four-cylinder street car, which is the same operating model as the official promotional film.

From Japan's recent exposure of information, Honda's new street car is likely to be the next generation of the new CB650R, keen on the production of third-party renderings young-machine also designed the relevant CG graphics, as well as the CBR650R sports car on the same platform. But just take a look at this image, Honda's final design may be even more conservative

Honda officials have unveiled a promotional video for "E-Clutch," so models equipped with the technology should be available soon. As for whether the new car is 650 series or public upgrade of the new car, follow-up news to talk to everyone.

Honda's new "E-Clutch" technology brings a bit of electronic quick-exhaust to the clutch, but with more control. The official also said that it will gradually be applied to entry-level models, which means that in the future, riding can be more comfortable and worrying, minus the trouble of oil separation, and it is easier for beginners to drive straddle motorcycles.

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