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Do you know these English words on motorcycles?
Release date:2019.06.28

1, turn indicator light class. Usually expressed in English "turn", where left left is generally referred to as "l" and right turn (right) is generally referred to as "r".


2. Headlights. Usually expressed in English "lights". The dimming light is “dimmer”, the high beam (high) is “high”, referred to as “hi”, the low beam (low) is “low”, referred to as “lo”, and the small light (ie parking light) is “point”. Referred to as "po".


3. Instrument indicator light. The neutral position is “neutral”, the high beam is “hibeam”, the charging indication is “charge”, the fuel quantity is indicated as “fuel”, the lubricating oil quantity is marked as “oil”, and the overspeed warning is “speed”. In addition, a handful of high-end luxury motorcycles are designed with a reverse gear, labeled "backup."


4. Other classes. The English of the engine is "engine", the start button is "start", the stop button (stop switch) is "stop", the drive is "run", the horn is "horn", and the choke (also known as the damper) is "choke". Some motorcycles are also marked "cold" (cold car) near "choke", indicating that when the cold car is required to start, the "choke" should be pushed to the end by the arrow of "run". The switch labeled “ignition” is the ignition switch. It has “off” and “on” in the vicinity. Turn the ignition switch to the “on” position, indicating that the ignition switch has been turned on and can be started. When the engine is turned to the "off" position, the ignition switch is turned off and the engine cannot be started.


What needs to be specially stated is the abbreviation of the English "reserve" of the "res" on the fuel tank switch. When the fuel tank's oil level is very low, put the oil switch handle in the “res” position, which can provide 0.5l-1.5l (the reserve tank volume of each type of motorcycle is not the same, it should be marked by the vehicle instruction manual) The reserve oil is used for emergency use by the engine. Once the gasoline is used in the reserve oil level, be sure to go to the gas station to fill the gasoline in time to avoid running out of fuel, causing the motorcycle to stall during the journey.


The "pri" on the tank switch is an abbreviation for "prime". When the fuel in the motorcycle fuel tank is used up, or when the motorcycle is not used for a long time, if there is no gasoline in the carburetor, the fuel tank switch should be turned to the “pri” position, so that the gasoline can enter directly even if the engine is not running. In the carburetor. Of course, once the start is made, the fuel tank switch should be turned to the "on" position. In special cases, if the fuel tank has insufficient oil level, you can also switch the tank switch to the "pri" position. However, after the engine is started, the handle of the fuel tank switch should not be placed in the “rpi” position. Otherwise, the carburetor may overflow or the excess gasoline may flow into the engine, causing accidental mechanical damage. (A large amount of gasoline enters the crankcase, which will dilute the lubricating oil. And make the running parts clip the feasible lubrication).


“off” or “stop” on the tank switch indicates “off”, “stop” or “stop”. When the fuel tank switch is turned to this position, the oil circuit is not conducting, no fuel flows into the carburetor, and the engine of course cannot be started.