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How should the motorcycle shock absorber be maintained?
Release date:2019.07.02

Motorcycle shock absorbers, many people will ignore the maintenance, although generally not bad, but the performance will always get worse and worse, if you can do it together when doing maintenance, it is naturally a good thing. Now, let's talk about the things that motorcycle shock absorber maintenance!



Shock absorber maintenance tool

Front shock absorber removal wrench, remove the rubber cover at the upper end of the front shock absorber, pull out the stop ring, take out the cover, gasket, inner sleeve and shock absorber spring, etc., then pour the hydraulic oil in the shock absorber .

Clamp the front shock absorber on the vise (be careful not to clamp too tightly), use a wrench to hold the piston rod, and use the inner hexagon wrench to loosen the fastening bolt at the root of the outer fork tube to remove the inner fork tube. component. The installation is carried out in the reverse order of disassembly and disassembly. The front shock absorber cleaner removes grease and makes the shock absorption smoother.



Shock absorber assembly skills

Maintenance shock absorbers must be disassembled, and mastering skills is important.

1. When installing the oil seal, the main lip should be facing the outer fork tube, and the dust lip should be facing outward (that is, the numbered side of the oil seal faces outward). A small amount of grease should be applied to the lip, and then the block and the hammer are light. Lightly insert the oil seal into the outer fork tube (or screw it in with a special tool).

2. All parts must be cleaned before assembly.

3. The main lip of the oil seal must not be scratched.

4. Do not leak or seal the sealant or gasket when installing the oil drain plug.

Shock absorber routine maintenance

1. Pay attention to the frequent cleaning and dust removal work of the shock absorber to minimize the leakage of oil. In particular, the shock absorbers of the RX125 type are basically bare and work directly in contact with dust. Therefore, it is effective to remove dust from the working section of the shock absorber with a soft cloth strip before each trip. very necessary. Practice has proved that dust is an important factor that causes the shock absorber to leak oil quickly.

2. When the car is not riding, be sure to pay attention to the oil protection of the working section of the shock absorber to prevent corrosion and corrosion of the shock absorber.

3. Check the tightening of the shock absorber before each ride to ensure safe driving. Also observe the oil leakage of the shock absorber to determine whether it needs to be disassembled or repaired to ensure that the shock absorber is always in normal working condition.



Reduce shock absorber damage

1. Use shock absorbers produced by regular manufacturers to ensure driving safety and economical use.

2. Please drive smoothly to reduce the abnormal impact on the shock absorber.

a. Decelerate on a worse road surface;

b. Minimize rapid acceleration, sudden braking, and sharp turns;

c. Try not to overload.

3. Always check whether the relevant parts of the damper are normal, such as dust cover, buffer block, vibration isolation block, etc. If damage or aging is found, it should be replaced in time. And try to use the parts produced by regular manufacturers.

4. Always check if the air pressure of the tire is normal and keep it within the specified range.

5, often clean your car, especially pay attention to the cleaning damper part.

6, the shock absorber must be replaced in pairs, the left and right must use the same manufacturer's products.