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Motorcycles don’t ride for a long time. Should you hang in the neutral?
Release date:2019.07.05

1. The neutral position is convenient to start. Sometimes it is not necessary to pinch the clutch. It is so easy to use the car, but no one can drive in the vicinity.

2, if the temporary parking generally uses the side support, or do not hang up the gap, to avoid falling, many people are complicated, most afraid of children driving. Because the motorcycle is parked outdoors and is easily worn by an adult or pushed by a child, it is much safer in the gear. It is good for people to be self-sufficient. It is enough to start clutching and start.

3. If the ground is not flat, stop with a stop. Because the motorcycle does not have a parking brake, the geared parking can play a braking role, avoiding landslides during parking and accidents.

4, the flat roads are generally empty, convenient to leave at any time, and uphill downhill generally have to hang a file, otherwise it is a little dangerous.


5, if the big support, hanging the neutral, easy to use points.

6, cycling motorcycles are all parked parking, usually running in the city, empty parking.