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The motorcycle is too oily, indicating that you have made these mistakes.
Release date:2019.07.05

When the motorcycle was just bought back, everyone felt that the fuel consumption was not high, but after slowly using the car for a long time, the fuel consumption increased. This situation is generally caused by natural aging, but there are many It’s not been long before the man’s car was bought, but the fuel consumption is very high. What is the reason?


1, low tire pressure

The working pressure of the tire is too low, the amount of sinking increases, the load on the tread edge increases, the shoulder wears prematurely, and the rolling resistance is increased, which is disadvantageous for fuel economy and tire birth. Regular inspection of tire pressure is essential both in terms of safety and fuel economy.

2, the viscosity of the oil is too high

The oil with higher viscosity will increase the resistance of the internal operation of the engine, and the oil will flow at a slower speed, resulting in an increase in fuel consumption. Choosing the oil suitable for viscosity can also effectively control the fuel consumption. If the owner of the car does not know what viscosity the car is suitable for, please refer to the vehicle manual.


3, air filter has not been replaced for a long time

If the air filter is not cleaned or replaced for a long time, it will seriously affect the intake air volume of the engine, resulting in an increase in engine power and fuel consumption. It is recommended that the owners clean or replace the air filter on schedule.

4, the spark plug is in poor condition

When the spark plug is used for a long time, the carbon deposit increases and the spark plug gap also increases, which may result in poor ignition performance, reduced engine power, and increased fuel consumption. It is recommended that you change the replacement cycle according to the material of the spark plug: ordinary (copper core or nickel alloy) 30,000 km, platinum (platinum) 60,000 km, and sheet metal 100,000 km. (for reference only)


5, engine carbon deposit

As long as the child is open, there will naturally be carbon deposits, and it is still everywhere. The most fundamental solution is to do a full-scale engine carbon cleaning on the car regularly. However, there is no professional place for motorcycle engine carbon cleaning. Even with this service, the price is quite expensive. It is recommended to add genuine maintenance or cleaning type fuel additives to the fuel tank of the car at regular intervals to avoid long-time low-speed riding and occasionally pull high speed, which can effectively reduce carbon deposition.

6, driving habits are not good

For example, some people prefer to pursue power in cycling, starting in 1st gear, 2nd gear on 10km, 3rd gear on 25-30km, 4th gear on 45-55km, 5th gear on 65/70km, shifting quite fast, so Soon the speed has gone up, but the fuel consumption will be much higher. If the engine speed is kept at around 4,000 rpm, the speed of the car is controlled at 45 yards. This time it is very fuel-efficient. Generally, people who like to drive fast, the brakes are pinched. Much more is not adjusted to the best state, there is friction during driving, of course, it will bring resistance, so the fuel consumption will of course follow.


7, chaotic modification

Expanding the cylinder is a common problem. Many people think that it is not necessary to directly change the power and speed of the large cylinder. It is not necessary, but the expansion of the cylinder, the fuel consumption is definitely increased, and it may increase a lot because the engine is a system engineering. It is not simple to make the displacement increase. It is better to cooperate with other parts, such as umbrellas or some protective shields, so that the flow is unreasonable, of course, the wind resistance is large, causing high fuel consumption.


How to save fuel

1. Develop good habits of vehicle maintenance and regular vehicle inspection

Clean or replace the air filter on time to ensure that the engine air-fuel ratio is normal. Can not be rigidly processed according to the cleaning or replacement air filter cycle indicated in your motorcycle maintenance manual, because the location and motorcycle use environment. If your motorcycle uses a good environment and air quality, you can extend the period of air filter cleaning and replacement. If your motorcycle is used in a harsh environment, you must always check, clean or replace the air filter.

2. Regularly maintain the oil supply system (carburetor or EFI). The spark plug is often clean and replaced regularly. Go to a professional repair shop to do the above cleaning and debugging, unless you are good at it. Note: To clean the EFI throttle valve, use the EFI special throttle cleaner. Do not use corrosive detergents such as carburetor cleaners. This will damage the rubber fittings inside the EFI valve.


3. Replace the correct type of oil and oil filter on time and on season to reduce the internal friction of the motorcycle engine. The correct amount of oil to fill is also a key link. Too much or too little can cause different degrees of damage to the engine of the motorcycle and increase the amount of fuel.

4. Check the motorcycle fuel line for leaks or blockages, such as fuel tank cap sealing, fuel line connection and aging, and do not overfill the gasoline to avoid gasoline spillage.


5. Regularly inspect, lubricate and adjust the motorcycle drive chain to maintain the normal tightness and lubrication of the chain. The scooter regularly checks, adjusts, and replaces the Ply, Puli, belt, bowl, and clutch friction blocks. Try to maximize the power transmission of the motorcycle and reduce the frictional resistance of the transmission.

6, the tire should maintain normal tire pressure (refer to the motorcycle manual or tire side identification value) and performance, insufficient tire pressure will lead to increased fuel consumption; tire pressure is too high will reduce the tire grip, and there is a puncture Possibilities; aging, cracking and excessively worn tires are replaced in a timely manner.


7, try to reduce the weight of the car, reduce additional equipment, reduce the load on the motorcycle. The driver's own factors should also be considered. The 50 kg load and the 200 kg load are absolutely different in terms of fuel consumption.

8. Avoid unnecessary engine idle time. The time between the start of the motorcycle engine and the start is as short as possible (it is impossible to start the engine and talk with people), but the engine warm-up before winter driving is a must.