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What is the gold displacement of motorcycles?
Release date:2023.10.12

The products are different at different times, and the demand and supply are different.

At the time of China's liberation, 70cc May be the gold displacement, until the 1980s and 1990s, the gold displacement will become 125cc, and the early 21st century is 250cc for gold displacement. Now some people think 400cc is gold.

I personally think that 150cc-250cc is the gold displacement of motorcycles, first of all, the threshold is relatively low, the relevant tax payment is relatively moderate, and the overall investment is acceptable to everyone. The majority of motorcycle friends driving experience is also very good, control and power also have a feeling, regardless of rapid acceleration or maximum speed, can let you feel the speed and passion of the locomotive, so 150cc - 250cc is a very playful displacement.


The gold displacement also varies from person to person, and the gold displacement of ordinary motorcycle friends and professional drivers is also different.

Some people think that 150cc is a gold displacement, feel light, fast, flexible and easy to control.

Some people think that 400cc is a gold displacement, feel stable and speed.

For different people

There is also a clear difference in gold emissions

If you have to have a standard

Bronze: below 100cc

Silver: 100cc - 150cc

Gold: 150cc - 250cc

Platinum: 250cc - 400cc

Diamonds: 400cc - 800cc

Crown: 800cc - 1200cc

Ace: 1200cc - 2000cc

God of War: 2000cc or more

In the final analysis

Suitable for their own displacement is gold displacement

What do you think?

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