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Motorcycle wrong driving caused brake failure, dangerous brewing disaster!
Release date:2023.10.19

We have heard that the truck running the road brake easy to fail, it seems that the motorcycle for a long time with the brake, there will be a failure phenomenon, well, today to tell you a case, this is to give you a safety reminder!

Xiao Liao used to ride a motorcycle, because of the front brake over the car, so he rode a motorcycle to hold the front brake fear syndrome, a period of time he bought a new continent Honda CBF190X, with his lover ran to the mountain to see the sunrise, when down the mountain, he felt his motorcycle brake is very ling, he did not start the motorcycle, directly hang neutral from the mountain slope down, When he passed a downhill corner, he needed to step on the brake, and found that the rear brake did not work, and he quickly grasped the front brake to avoid an accident. And he felt that the back brake has not been much spirit, so hurried to the maintenance station to find Master Luo.

When Master Luo listened to his description, and did not immediately give him a check after the brake, but washed his motorcycle again, and then told small Liao, you go to ride a try, the rear brake must be good, small Liao a test results really good.

Luo master warned Xiao Liao, riding a motorcycle must be used before and after the brake, otherwise easy to occur before and after the brake wear ratio imbalance, also prone to accidents! Secondly, the motorcycle must not be in neutral gear for a long time downhill, but to hang a low speed small throttle ride, control the speed through the braking force of the engine, and reduce the frequency of brake use. Because of Xiao Liao's wrong riding method, the motorcycle rear brake disc produces high temperature, the rear brake shoe is carbonized, resulting in brake failure, in this case, to cool the brake disc, and wash the brake block, the brake can return to normal braking force.

Xiao Liao's wrong riding phenomenon is definitely not a case, there should be more part of the owners have such riding habits, such as only frequent use of the rear brake, such as seeing a downhill love slope riding, which is quite dangerous! The working principle and driving principle of motorcycles and cars are similar, we really can not be careless!

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