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50,000 yuan large displacement locomotive recommended! Cure your fear of choice
Release date:2023.10.19

If your budget is around $50,000

The demand is for a large displacement locomotive

So which ones are right for you?

Today we'll find out

A large displacement locomotive of about 50,000 yuan is recommended

Many motorcycle friends say that 50,000 is the watershed of motorcycles

In fact, price and displacement are not the only criteria to judge a motorcycle

What suits you is the best

Never have a chain of contempt

If you have in mind a large row of about 50,000 yuan recommended

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Spring Breeze 800NK

The 800NK shape continues the genes of Chunfeng NK family and adopts a sharp and combative design style. While highlighting the sense of power, there is no bloated feeling. Power is equipped with a 799cc parallel two-cylinder water-cooled engine, which can output 74kW/9000rpm maximum power, 81N·m/8000rpm maximum torque, and the maximum horsepower is more than 100. The maintenance quality is 186kg, and the original 795mm seat height creates a relatively comfortable riding posture. Starting at 4.698W, the premium Rhinoceros + version is 4.998W.

The Jedi K750

The design of K750 is based on the concept of starry science fiction spacecraft, and the most recognizable and classic part is the design and application of lamps, which is the essence of K750. In order to cater for the needs of people with different heights, two sitting height versions of 810mm and 790mm are set. The instrument uses a multi-functional TFT full-color instrument, supporting mobile screen projection, Bluetooth connection, navigation, and standard tire pressure monitoring and keyless start. Powered by a two-cylinder water-cooled eight-valve engine with an actual displacement of 730cc, the EFI system is Bosch EFI. Maximum power 60KW, maximum torque 70Nm. Standard version 39,800 yuan, Plus version 41,800 yuan, Pro version 43,800 yuan.

Bendar LFC700 meteor

Most eye-catching is the four-cylinder engine exhaust port design, which is very loud and recognizable, as well as the rear 310's exaggerated wide tires, 695mm seat height, reassembly mass 235kg, and fuel tank capacity 20L. The L-shaped four-cylinder, water-cooled 16-valve engine has an actual displacement of 680cc, a maximum power of 69kw/11000rpm, and a maximum horsepower of about 93.8. The high power version of the suspension system features KYB inverted front fork and rear midmount shock absorption. Standard version 45,800 yuan, high power version 46,800 yuan.

Benali TRK 702

The appearance part is in the same line as TRK502, the beak shape, the headlights use a one-through-type design, the rear subframe is a common split seat cushion, and the vehicle shape is full of power. Equipped with sliding clutch, front double disc brake +Brembo calipers, Bosch ABS and front and rear KYB shock absorbers, as well as heated handlebars, heated seat cushions and projection screen TFT LCD meters. It is powered by an in-line two-cylinder water-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 693cc and a maximum horsepower of 76. Road model 46,800 yuan, off-road model 50,800 yuan.

A non-polar 650DS

As the flagship car of Wuji DS series in the sale of models, the 650DS style is the hardest of the DS series, and the image of the tall horse is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The Pirelli Scorpion all-terrain tires, 19-inch front and 17-inch rear, with wire-spoke hubs, are a very typical hard-core pull setting. Engine is the biggest selling point on the 650DS, 652cc displacement single-cylinder water-cooled engine, maximum power 37Kw/6750rpm, maximum torque 60Nm/5500rpm, excellent low performance is the magic weapon of this engine. Discovery version (without three cases) 43,800 yuan, three-case version 47,800 yuan.

Kaiyue 525X (Single Rocker arm)

The 525X is equipped with adaptive light headlights, backlit handlebar buttons, and a new full-color TFT meter with mobile projection navigation, tire pressure monitoring and 2.4Ghz wireless communication, as well as the ability to display geographical location, temperature, altitude and other information based on mobile positioning. Powered by a 493.9cc displacement twin-cylinder water-cooled engine, the peak power is 39.6kw/9000rpm and the maximum torque is 48Nm/6500rpm. Other hardware includes 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wire spoke wheels and all-terrain tires, up to 210mm ground clearance, and 820mm seat height. The price is 41,900 yuan.

Qian Jiang chase 600 round lamp

Because it resembles Augusta's style, it is also called "Augustus Chase" by small partners. The appearance follows the original design concept, retains the round lamp version, and is more rich and diverse in color matching. The car is equipped with in-line four-cylinder water-cooled electric injection engine, using double overhead camshaft with four valves per cylinder design, the actual displacement of 600cc, the maximum horsepower of 81.6, belongs to the medium and high speed adjustment. The five-inch TFT projection screen instrument supporting mobile phone interconnection is adopted in the configuration, keyless start, LED light source for the whole car, sliding clutch, front and rear disc brake, dual-channel ABS, etc. The official retail price is 49,999 yuan.


Motomorini Cevenzo

It has two versions, the STR version is more athletic, SCR version is a climber style, the price is 42,800 yuan STR version, 44,800 yuan SCR version. In terms of power, the X-CAPE 650 is the same engine, the actual displacement of 649cc, the maximum power of 45KW/8500rpm, the maximum torque of 56N.m /7000rpm. Instrument, the use of TFT color instrument, UI interface is simple atmosphere without loss of advanced sense. With mobile screen, navigation, multi-theme interface, tire pressure monitoring and other functions. The Sevenzo has a weight of 215kg and a height of 795mm, making it easy for women to ride.

Secron RX650

There is only one version of the new RX650, which is officially priced at 47,800. The appearance has a pure European sports aesthetic design, especially the front face recognition is very high. Power also has a European gene, the power train used in the car is the UK NORTON, Ricardo, Zongshen Power joint research and development. The actual displacement is 649.5cc, the maximum horsepower is 70.7, the maximum power is 52KW, and the maximum torque is 62N·m. There are four power modes, electronic throttle, constant cruise, corner ABS, MSC body stability, two-way electronic express platoon, AI voice interaction, and ECU all-area adaptive control technology.

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