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Motorcycle car guide: Teach you how to choose a car to look at the car
Release date:2023.10.19

Buying a car is no stranger to us, when you buy a vehicle, whether there will be some concerns in your heart, worried that there will be some invisible problems after buying back; At the same time, I worry about whether this car is the best for me. With these problems, I will take out some of their new experience to share with you, if there are shortcomings, please bear with me.

1 Choose Vehicle

According to the different use of the environment, motorcycles are divided into street cars, imitation racing, off-road, retro, pedal, road cruise, leisure, multi-functional and 侉子 several categories. And because of the nature of the enterprise and the different source channels, it is divided into domestic, joint venture, import and water truck (this period focuses on the regular car, the water truck will be introduced separately in the later period).

Different models, different brands and channels, different displacement levels lead to the level of vehicle prices, at the beginning of the selection of cars, we first choose the price range of the purchase of vehicles on their own economic ability.

Similarly, emission levels also need to be considered in advance. If it is a novice, it is not recommended to start with a large displacement, should be gradual, it is best to choose a model below 250cc displacement.

After determining the displacement and price, the next step is to select the model according to their favorite play and use environment.

If you only need to travel, street cars and pedals will be the only choice;

If you like to race, pretend to force, imitation of course force the highest;

If you like stunt driving, off-road advantages are most obvious;

If you are obsessed with refitting fun and feelings, retro and 侉子 are the most appropriate;

If you want to go further, road cruises, recreational vehicles and utility vehicles are your best companions.

It is inconvenient to say more about the brand, so as not to design commercial interests. You can choose according to your favorite or understanding, and of course, you can also consider the local after-sales service guarantee.

If you have a selected model and don't know how it performs, you can send us information directly or follow the evaluation content of Motoroye.



Overall appearance

The so-called "look at the face first, look at the car first look at the shell", the design and decal color of the exterior parts can do homework in the early stage, but the material work has to be investigated.

First of all, use your hand to touch the appearance of plastic parts and other paint parts, paint quality feel a touch to know. Then tap each external part with your knuckles and listen to its sound, you can know whether the material is sufficient and whether the installation is in place.

At the same time, all parts of the car are observed in detail, including:

Whether the fastening screw is fastened (it can be observed whether the paint points on its surface are aligned);

Whether the throttle, brake and clutch respond flexibly and whether there is a sense of astringency;

Whether the steering is flexible and there is no excess gap; Whether the wheel shaft rotates smoothly;

Whether the transmission system is normal is no different (the transmission chain generally has a small rhythmic sound, and other transmission methods are the same, which is normal);

Whether the switch button is clearly opened and closed; Whether the keyhole is smooth; Whether the shock absorption action is normal before and after.


Vehicle starting

At this point, it is the last moment to verify that the car is running properly.

Open the switch, check whether the instrument display is normal;

Turn on all lamp switches and check whether the lights and switches are normal;

Start the engine and check whether the engine starts normally;

Observe idle speed and water temperature (for water-cooled engine), check whether the monitoring is normal;

Listen to the parts of the engine, including the cylinder, the clutch chamber and other parts of the operation of the abnormal sound;

Take a strip of paper or cloth hanging outside the exhaust port to observe whether the exhaust is smooth;

Gently twist the throttle to perceive the throttle response and whether the engine operation, noise and vibration are normal;

Lift the car brace, put it into gear, and check whether each gear shift and gear display (only for the model with a gear display) are normal.

4 Test drive adjustment

A short test drive is more to familiarize you with the handling of the vehicle and the final adjustments of the components.

Check whether the throttle, clutch and brake travel are within the limit value;

The braking force and response of the brake are normal;

Whether the chain tightness is appropriate;

Whether the tire pressure is appropriate.

After completing the above four steps, you can take your car and start to break in. The running-in part will not be repeated here, if you need, and so on, Xiaobian will organize their own running-in experience is shared by everyone.

5 notes

The production time is engraved on the vehicle factory nameplate, try to choose the car with the closest date, and do not consider the production of more than one year;

Not every car dealership offers a test drive, so you only have one chance to choose before you start.

Don't expect a car to give you a new car, in business, if not warehouse inventory, people generally do not want to do this trouble.

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