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The daily use of electric spray motorcycle must pay attention to three problems
Release date:2023.10.19

With the approaching of the four emission standards of the motorcycle country, more and more EFI motorcycles began to enter the homes of ordinary people, although EFI motorcycles and traditional carburetor motorcycles are mostly the same in the process of use, but there are also some differences, the main three points we should pay attention to:

1. Don't forget to refuel;

The difference between the EFI motorcycle tank and the traditional carburetor motorcycle is that there is a oil pump in the EFI motorcycle tank, when the oil in the tank is insufficient, the oil pump can not pump oil, which is easy to cause damage to the oil pump.

2. Don't forget to turn off the key;

After the most spray motorcycle key opens, all kinds of superiority device components begin to be in a working state, if the key is not turned off for a long time, it is very easy to exhaust the power supply in the battery, so many electric spray motorcycle owners forget to turn off the key, the vehicle can not start, this is the reason.

3, don't just wash the car;

There are many transducer components in the body of the electric spray motorcycle, if the user loves to wash the car, the car wash is particularly careful, and must be washed inside and out, which is most likely to make some transducer circuit failure, resulting in the vehicle can not work normally.

Of course, in addition to these three points, other traditional carburetor motorcycle strictly prohibited matters, electric spray motorcycle can not be careless, as long as we look at the manual, ask the maintenance station master, electric spray motorcycle is more than the traditional carburetor motorcycle can bring more joy!

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