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Pedal motorcycle tire repair the best way!
Release date:2023.10.27

Because the self-replenishing fluid has an automatic leak repair function in the tire, the rear wheel of the scooter will produce a long-term phenomenon of not repairing the tire and not removing the rear wheel, but if the time is too long, the rear wheel and the rear axle are closely matched, it will produce a phenomenon that can not be removed due to rust.

In fact, even if the rear wheel and the rear axle do not repair the tire, every two years must be removed for maintenance, clean or replace the brake pads, lubricated brake rocker arm, rear axle, etc., but many owners never care about these, as long as the rear tire can run, no lack of air, it has been so riding, which is equivalent to the problem left to the end to solve, then in the end is a big problem. The tires can not be removed, the brakes can not be changed, if in some towns with limited maintenance capacity, such a motorcycle may then ride, which will exist how big a safety hazard. We have done a survey, where the rear wheel can not be removed from the scooter, almost 100 percent of the long-term use of tire self-replenishment. The owner of an electric vehicle does not need to discuss it here, because the rear wheel of an electric vehicle is a motor structure, which is different from the structure of a motorcycle.


So what kind of repair method is the best way for vacuum tires of motorcycles (including pedal motorcycles)? If the tire is pricked, do not pull out the tire nail or wire, so that the tire gas will not leak quickly, if the tire is short of air, the nearest gas, and then ride to the repair station to repair the tire. Repairing a tire should also be divided into several cases:

If the tire is new, especially the original tire or the expensive tire, please choose the way of hot repair or internal repair, the smaller diameter of the nail or wire tire to choose internal repair, the larger diameter of the screw or glass, iron plate to choose hot repair. Such a way of repairing the tire generally requires 60-120 yuan, that someone will open the shoulder: spend so much money I would rather change a new tire, please note that the new tire money must also spend more. Don't you get pricked just the same? In addition, when the maintenance personnel change the tire, you can also ask him to help you clean the brake pads, lubricate the brake rocker arm and the rear axle. Some people will say that the car tire repair is only twenty or thirty dollars, how can the motorcycle be so expensive? In fact, it takes much longer for a motorcycle to change the tire and remove and repair the tire than it does for a car. And the operation is troublesome.

When the motorcycle tire has run more than 10,000 kilometers, or the tire is obviously worn, it is necessary to use the rubber strip to repair the tire, convenient and fast, but the premise is that we must use a better rubber strip, coated with cold repair glue or vulcanization agent, of course, the pedal motorcycle can also choose to fill the tire self-replenishing liquid at this time, but the premise is not to use too long, such as the tire pattern to wear the safety line as soon as possible to replace.

Tires are the feet of the motorcycle, whether the tire pressure is normal directly affects the fuel consumption and riding safety of the motorcycle, so the motorcycle tire inspection owner must pay attention to, really should not be filled with self-replenishing liquid, from the tire inspection and maintenance, which is equivalent to joking with their own lives. Should be like a netizen's message: the immorality of the repair tire, the stinginess of the car, what else can be said?

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