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If these eight car habits are not changed, the motorcycle will be scrapped in advance
Release date:2023.10.27

First and second gear start;

Many users in the riding gear car, start or turn off are not willing to hang into neutral, especially the international motorcycle, for motorcycle novices, the neutral is not easy to find, so the vehicle starts all by clutch. Some old drivers can find the gap, but deliberately use the second gear to start, the reason is convenient, do not change gear, in fact, this start is very hurt the clutch.

Second, exhaust pipe oil filling;

Some old drivers, thinking that the original ride from the south, Hongdou, to the later four strokes, have been damaged by some repair masters, because they saw that the repair master always poured some oil into the exhaust pipe to prevent the exhaust pipe from rusting. In fact, after the third country, there is an oxidizing catalyst in the exhaust pipe of the motorcycle, if the oil is filled, it will use the oxidizing catalyst to fail, and form carbon deposits to block the exhaust pipe, making the vehicle weak, the machine temperature rise, and the increase in fuel consumption.

Third, turn off the headlights when the electric start;

Electric start motorcycle, occasionally once or twice turn off the headlights is irrelevant, especially when the new car, but the formation of habits will not work, the motorcycle battery capacity is limited, DC power supply motorcycle, no headlights start the motorcycle, will lead to the motorcycle circuit current increase instantaneously, has a great impact on battery life, At the same time, it also has a great impact on the service life of the starting motor. Especially in the case of motorcycles equipped with a lot of electrical appliances, the performance is more obvious, such as GPS, audio, flash lights and so on.


Four, the fuel door;

As long as it is not for performance, mountain climbing and other special circumstances, the usual riding always love the habit of fierce refueling door to install forced cool, or quickly change it. Motorcycles often fiercely fuel the door, easy to lead to combustion chamber carbon, chain sprocket wear, tire wear and a series of adverse effects, which further shows that each load is to pay the price.

5. Emergency braking;

Emergency braking is emergency braking, so some users will say that emergency braking is not OK, that does not hit it? In fact, Xiaobian is not against the emergency braking in dangerous emergency situations, but against the emergency braking of the installation of force and cool, which is almost complementary to the previous one, because after the refuelling door, it will inevitably be easy to produce emergency braking, habitual emergency braking, easy to lead to chain sprockets, tires, brake pads wear, and even the rear wheel of the motorcycle is easier to wear.

Six, never use feet to start;

The setting of the motorcycle foot start is to let the electric start failure, use the foot to start the device, but some people think that as long as the electric start is normal, it is never used to start the foot, which is actually wrong. Because it is good to use the foot to start the motorcycle when appropriate, such as the winter morning, when riding the motorcycle, the first foot to start a few times, can make the motorcycle easier to start. Extend battery and starter motor life. For the scooter, the role is greater, because the scooter foot starting mechanism is placed in the transmission box, there is dust in the transmission box, the most easy to make the foot starting mechanism rust, if you do not use for a long time, the foot starting rust, you just want to start with the foot can not start. Of course, after the four electric injection, many scooters almost cancel the foot starting mechanism, because the electric injection system is also easy to start the engine in winter.

Seven, do not check the tire;

Whether it is a new and old driver, when riding a motorcycle, they ignore to check the pressure of the motorcycle tire, plus some users as long as they find that the tire is out of air, they fill a bottle of self-replenishment liquid, which is quite incorrect. Motorcycle air pressure is insufficient, easy to lead to tire scrap, wheel hub deformation. After adding the liquid, the owner will not remove the rear wheel of his vehicle for a long time, so that it will bring a lot of trouble for the scooter, such as the exhaust pipe can not be removed, and the removal is also the fixing screw break; If the rear wheel hub has not been removed for a long time with the rear axle rust, it cannot be removed together. Anyway, these problems may lead to the damage of some parts, and there is no replacement of the original parts, these walking devices will bring great risks to safe driving!

Eight, do not love car washing;

Many users' cars look dirty, and some even dirty! And the owner also gave a grand reason, not only afraid of thieves stealing, but also afraid of thieves thinking. In fact, this is just a self-deceiving idea, you know, the thief is not a good fool, they understand the value of the car better than you, the thief does not need to wash, just look at the shape and the LOGO of the tank, you can almost guess whether the vehicle is worth money, whether it is easy to sell. But the thick old mud stuck on the back fork, easy to lead to the back fork, all kinds of solid parts rust, when you want to dismantle, almost impossible, there is only one way: destruction!

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