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Domestic 150 retro pedal market status
Release date:2023.10.27

In this year's Chongqing motorcycle Expo, Saikelon, Qianjiang have launched their own retro pedal, which indicates that next year in the field of retro scooter, there will be a bloody battle, then the current situation of the domestic retro scooter market, today I will give you a comb.

In fact, the retro pedal can be popular in the domestic market, first of all should be attributed to two brands: VESPA and Peugeot, because ASEAN motorcycle exports to China is zero tariff, there will be major motorcycle brands in Japan, Europe and the United States have set up factories in Southeast Asia, the cost of motorcycle production sold to China has been greatly reduced, since 2014, VESPA through Vietnam factory to domestic exports, the development momentum is very rapid, so far, VESPA's annual sales in the Chinese market is about 10,000 units, although sales are not large, but everyone knows that VESPA takes the luxury route, so sales are not low, more than 30,000 spring, sprint, more than 50,000 GTS300, on average, according to 40,000 each, VESPA's annual sales in China have more than 4 million.

The second is Peugeot Django, as a light riding Peugeot joint venture set up in 2006, in 2010 just began to prepare for domestic sales, its plight is difficult to describe. Perhaps inspired by VESPA, in 2017, light riding Peugeot launched Django 150 in China, the situation immediately changed, the whole light riding Peugeot models, Django sales accounted for 80%, on this one model, unexpectedly let light riding Peugeot domestic market to turn a profit, and quickly establish their own sales system. Last year, Peugeot's domestic sales were within 20,000 units, and it can be inferred that Django sold about 15,000 units.


Also in 2017, Sanyang Fiddle retro pedals entered the mainland market for the first time, which is easy to understand, are inspired by VESPA's entry into China, and Django's engine is supported by Sanyang. How could Sanyang not know this market information.

Of course, Django's market success will naturally attract the attention of domestic motorcycle manufacturers, especially the Chinese scooter manufacturing base Taizhou, the private economy is the background color of Taizhou manufacturing, Taizhou enterprises are often small at first, the starting point is low. But smart, daring, strong market awareness, is the characteristics of Taizhou boss. Django's products can not be completely copied, but Django's road to success can naturally be copied, so from 2020, Longjia's Victoria, the South's Dream Lalisa, the three industry's Katyusha, and Athens Na and other retro pedals have come out. The same mode of these pedals is based on Peugeot Django, optimized and modified, configured and filled, and the consumers are not satisfied with the configuration of Django, and the price is pulled to about 14,000 yuan. Due to the high cost performance, it quickly occupied the personalized car market at the county level in the central and western regions.

It must be objectively admitted that these cars are still really good in terms of cost performance. Taking Katyusha of Sanyye as an example, I rode about 600 kilometers in the urban area, and the actual fuel consumption was 2.8L/km. If I combined long-distance and urban cycling, it is estimated that the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers was only about 2.4 liters. And the use of Bosch EFI, the whole car LED lights, front and rear dual channel ABS+TCS, tire pressure detection and other readily available. The engine not only has good fuel consumption control, but also excellent exhaust pipe noise control. In my opinion, compared with Django 150 in 2020, Katyusha Sanye should exceed Django regardless of fuel consumption and noise, and the configuration of pulan, and the price is still a big cut, how can this not let the pursuit of cost-effective customers?

At present, the three major legions of imports, joint ventures, and domestic will be the domestic market of high and low consumer groups all included, and reached a relative balance of production and sales, which is the middle row of motorcycles have price cuts, and the retro scooter product prices have been strong, however, this situation will be in the Saikelon, Qianjiang and other domestic mainstream motorcycle enterprises to join and change. Will next year's retro pedal usher in a bloody price war? Let's wait and see!

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