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Can the motorcycle be lowered by adjusting the shock absorption?
Release date:2023.10.27

Motorcycles can not reduce the height of the motorcycle seat by shock absorption, but we can modify the motorcycle shock absorber to lower the seat height, but the key to this problem is that once the travel of the shock absorber is reduced, then it is bound to affect the damping effect of the vehicle, then it is bound to affect the comfort of the vehicle, and there may be a need to refit the shock absorber. This is because the original so-called adjustable shock absorber can only adjust the shock absorption effect of the vehicle, rather than the seat height of the vehicle.

Under normal circumstances, if you want to reduce the original seat height of the motorcycle, this operation is difficult, because the manufacturer in the design of a motorcycle, its vehicle seat height and through the performance are carefully calculated, is proportional. In general, if the vehicle's passing performance is very poor, then it means that its seat height will be very low, if the opposite, it means that the seat will be very high, so if the rider wants to reduce the seat height, then it also means that the vehicle's passing performance is bound to be lost.

Therefore, for the riders to modify the motorcycle themselves, Xiaobian is not in favor of this, because doing so will certainly have a bad impact on the safety performance of the vehicle, although this is only modified the shock absorber of the vehicle, but it changes its height, that is, the length of the shock absorber, which will have a great impact on the vehicle when turning.

The reason is because the length of the shock absorber changes, and changes the center of gravity of the vehicle, then the vehicle changes with its center of gravity when turning, which will make the vehicle unstable, so Xiaobian think that if you feel that the seat is very low, then the appropriate addition of a cushion may be better.


Although the high seat version and base plate of many models are achieved by shortening the stroke of shock absorption, but we as ordinary users if we want to go to this modification, it is still very troublesome, because you not only have to customize a pair of shock absorbers with the same thickness as your original package to install, in theory, It is not possible to lower the seat height by directly adjusting the original shock absorbers.

After a small series of analysis, presumably the riders have already known that it is not feasible to adjust the seat height of the motorcycle through the shock absorber, because it can only adjust the comfort of the shock absorber, but it can not adjust the seat height of the vehicle.

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