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Motorcycle maintenance basics
Release date:2023.11.01

First, the judgment question.

1. The scooter reduction gear box should be filled with special oil. (X) (Although oil can be added to the gearbox, gear oil should be added, and gear oil is not oil.)

2. Motorbikes can use motor oil. (X)

3. The higher the viscosity of motorcycle oil, the better the quality of oil. (X)

4. Oil is the "blood of the engine", which has the function of lubrication, cooling, cleaning, sealing and rust prevention. (√)

5. The "MB" oil can be used on a riding car. (X) (MB specification oil can only be used on dry clutch motorcycles, such as scooters, Yangtze River side three wheels and other dry clutch motorcycles)

6. The long-term idle speed of the engine is too low, which will cause abnormal wear of the CAM rocker arm. (√)

7. If the vehicle is not preheated before driving, it is easy to cause abnormal wear of the CAM rocker arm. (√)

8. When installing the transmission chain (large chain) lock plate of the riding bike, the lock plate opening must be opposite to the forward direction of the chain movement. (√)

9. After the fuse is blown, it can be replaced with copper wire. (X)

10. In order to better protect the motorcycle circuit system, the battery needs to be installed before the test. (√)

11. Motorcycles, especially new cars, when driving a distance just stopped, sometimes hear the "tap, tap" sound emitted by the exhaust pipe, the main reason is because of the thermal stress caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the exhaust pipe, which is a normal phenomenon. (√)

12. Four-stroke engine, the order of a working cycle is: intake -> compression -> work -> exhaust. (√)

13. One of the reasons for the clutch slip is that the clutch line free travel is too large. (X)

14. The vehicle increases the throttle and black smoke from the exhaust pipe is a phenomenon of burning oil. (X)

15. The choke in the plunger carburetor is mainly used to improve the compression ratio. (X)

Two, a single choice question.

1. Which tool should we use when detecting the wear condition of the cylinder? (C)

A. Vernier caliper B. Outside micrometer C. Inside micrometer.

2. When ordinary lead-acid batteries lack electrolyte, can be used, which of the following liquid as a supplement? (A)

A. Pure water B. mineral water C. Tap water D. salt water. (Distilled and purified water can be used, but nothing else can be used.)

3. Install the motorcycle battery, the wiring sequence should be (A) (In the wiring process, the negative electrode is the ground wire, must be the last connection, the first to break. Therefore, the connection should be the second, if the disconnection, should be the first.)

A. First connect the positive electrode and then the negative electrode B. first connect the negative electrode and then the positive electrode C. You can arbitrarily connect D. Join together

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