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Five of the most fuel-efficient motorcycles, 1000 yuan can run for a year
Release date:2023.11.01

Pedal motorcycle convenient, easy to operate, high practical characteristics, so that it has become the highest proportion of motorcycles. But to everyone's surprise, the most fuel-efficient model is not the scooter, but the lightweight car.

Fifth place

Yamaha YZF-R15

Originally thought that the light run of the R15 should be nothing to do with fuel saving, but did not expect such an amazing performance. Yamaha YZF-R15 uses 155cc SOHC Blue Core engine, although it is a small displacement car, but it has an excellent super sports car appearance, the car weight is only 137 kg, so that the fuel consumption performance has achieved an excellent grade of 1. YZF-R15 Fuel consumption test value: 1.7L, urban energy consumption: 2L, fixed speed energy consumption: 1.3L.

Fuel consumption was much higher than that, and the fifth place was unexpectedly won by Yamaha's small displacement light run YZF-R15. The lightweight aluminum wheel frame, coupled with the inverted front fork design, effectively reduces the unsprung mass of the R15, and also makes the third-generation R15 have a brighter performance in handling than the previous generation. The frame uses an aluminum Deltabox frame, which lowers the handlebars to the riding triangle and moves the feet up to create a more combative riding position. It is an excellent sports car with small displacement that can highlight sports.

The lightweight aluminum alloy wheel frame, combined with the inverted front fork design, effectively reduces the unsprung mass of the R15.

The same lightweight triangular design, various lightweight engineering allows the wet weight of the R15 to be reduced to 137 kg. The 155cc SOHC Blue Core engine produces 20 horsepower at 10,000 RPM. It also has a maximum torque of 14.7Nm at 8,500 RPM, which is second to none in its class, and with a 6-speed transmission gear and sliding clutch, there is no doubt about its excellent performance, and it can also take into account fuel consumption, which is really amazing.

Powered by a 155cc SOHC Blue Core engine, the R15 has a lot of horsepower and torque.

R15 not only has high performance and high specifications, but also the fuel consumption performance is first class!

Fourth place

Honda CROSS CUB 110

Classic posture again! The classic Honda CROSS CUB 110 May be a little unfamiliar to you, but seeing him look like he has removed the leg guard of Jin Wang, I believe you must be familiar. In 2018, the redesigned CROSS CUB 110 has a streamlined body shape, and a light riding experience, whether it is for commuting travel or business, is an excellent lightweight car. Fuel consumption is of course no matter, the test value is 1.29L, the urban energy consumption can also have 1.3L performance, and the fixed speed energy consumption can reach 1.26L.

The fun Honda CROSS CUB 110 has nothing to say about performance or fuel consumption!

CROSS CUB 110 weighs 106kg, equipped with 109cc four-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder engine, can provide 7.8 horsepower, maximum torque 8.5Nm, equipped with PGM-FI injection fuel supply system and four-speed transmission, centrifugal clutch can be directly shifted, no need to operate the clutch, reduce the difficulty of operation. Let him become an approachable national god car. Even novice gearers can pick it up with ease.

With centrifugal clutch design, you can directly shift without pressing the clutch, so that the new driver can easily get started!

Reliable pointer meter and camouflage design meter back, full of OUTDOOR style.

In addition to the impressive performance of the engine, the CROSS CUB 110 is no less well equipped, with LED headlights to provide good lighting, and the shelves on the lights form a cargo platform. The split rear seat can also be configured with shelves, allowing the CROSS CUB to not only carry people, but also cargo for commercial use. The use of higher handlebars creates a completely different riding posture, even if the height of the riding is not awkward. If you love cycling and love life, this fun little car will definitely enrich your life.

Third place: SUPER CUB C125

Also from Honda's classic small car SUPER CUB C125, the enduring retro styling of this small car is deeply loved. In addition to referring to the styling of the original SUPER CUB series, a large number of latest equipment has been added. The air-cooled SOHC two-valve single-cylinder engine produces the same 9.7ps maximum horsepower as the MSX 125 (GROM). Fuel consumption is even more amazing! The test value is 1.26L, and the urban energy consumption can also have a performance of 1.33L, and the fixed speed energy consumption can reach 1.15L.

The Honda SUPER CUB C125 is a timeless classic that puts a lot of effort into it and ranks among the best in fuel efficiency.

When revving up, the SUPER CUB 125's acceleration performance is evident, and it can easily reach 60km/h in second gear, which is quite good for street use. Honda's exclusive automatic telecentric clutch and 4-stage transmission make shifting smoother. It can output 9.5 horsepower at 7500 RPM, and the maximum torque appears in the low and medium speed range of 5000 RPM, and the power output characteristics are quite suitable for urban driving.

Maximum torque in the low to medium RPM range of power output and flexible handling make the SUPER CUB C125 an excellent choice for metro commuting.

In addition to a good engine, the SUPER CUB 125 also has good handling, compared to the previous generation CUPER CUB 110, the C125 front suspension increased by 10mm, the rear suspension increased by 19mm, such changes can effectively improve the riding quality on complex roads. In addition, the feeling of peace when moving forward and turning is also significantly increased. In terms of braking system, the setting of front disc and rear drum makes the braking effect more effective. The SUPER CUB C125 is the perfect choice for commuting to the city or taking a short trip.


Honda MONKEY 125MONKEY 125

Released in Japan in July 2018, this small single-seater car upgraded from 50 to 125 is a hot selling car for Honda. MONKEY 125 is equipped with a steam-cooled four-stroke 2V single-cylinder engine, with a maximum horsepower of 8.8hp. The 107kg MONKEY 125 is positioned as a "FUN BIKE" and belongs to the riding fun orientation. Even so, his fuel consumption is still beautiful enough to ignore, the test value is 1.23L, the urban energy consumption can also have 1.28L performance, and the fixed speed energy consumption reaches 1.15L.

The Honda MONKEY 125 is a lightweight model with an emphasis on fun. For the engine part, Honda MONKEY 125 uses the same air-cooled engine and frame as the MSX, and in the exhaust system, the MONKEY 125 retains the classic up-wound design. The overall shape of the MONKEY 125 presents a kind of gangly style, and some of the tires are made of chocolate tires, which gives the Monkey 125 more different possibilities for riding.

The classic upwound design of the exhaust pipe is quite eye-catching.

Powered by a steam-cooled four-stroke 2V single-cylinder engine, the maximum horsepower is 8.8hp. In fact, MONKEY is a series of designs with a long history, dating back to the 1960s. Whether it is the rounded lines of the headlights, the retro style of the seat design, the bullet fuel tank, the shiny chrome fender, or the classic Honda WING pattern, they are perfectly recreated. This MONKEY 125 is definitely not a good car, if you enjoy cycling and want to get off the road every now and then for a little trip, this MONKEY 125 is definitely your buddy!

No. 1 Honda MSX 125 SF

Fuel-saving hegemon came out, arranged the top four fuel-saving Honda, the first model is MSX 125 SF! The world's favorite small diameter light gear has exceptional fuel consumption performance and extraordinary performance. Equipped with four-stroke SOHC single-cylinder air-cooled engine, maximum horsepower 9.79ps. Fuel consumption performance is exaggerated beauty, the test value is 1.17L, the urban energy consumption can also have 1.22L performance, and the fixed speed energy consumption can reach 1.11L, and the fuel saving hegemon is no other!

Fuel-efficient overlord Honda MSX 125 SF, have you guessed it? The MSX125 SF has a delicate and short body, although the displacement is only 125cc, it has a very high potential for modification and is loved by players. In appearance, the highly technological headlamp shape, using lighter, more power-saving, longer life LED headlights, the design of separation between the near and far lights, and the far light below the blue LED positioning light bar, looks more like the future science and technology, leaving a strong visual impression. The MSX 125 SF's sporty style is also highlighted by the heavy body panels and the upturned rear.

Highly technical LED headlamp shape.

The upturned rear of the MSX 125 SF shows off its sporty style. For the engine, the MSX 125 SF uses a 124cc single-cylinder SOHC air-cooled engine with a four-speed wet transmission, with a maximum torque of 5500 RPM, the suspension system uses an inverted front fork and a mid-rear shock absorber, and the front wheels use one-way double-piston calipers and 220mm plates on the 12-inch wheel frame. The rear brakes are single-piston calipers with 190mm discs. Give the MSX 125 SF a good balance of power and braking. The MSX 125 SF is not only a practical, powerful commute, but also a lot of fun, and coupled with its title of the king of fuel economy, it is definitely worth your own.

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