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How often is the transmission box of the scooter cleaned?
Release date:2023.11.01

The transmission box of the scooter should be cleaned regularly, how often should it be cleaned? We have different opinions on this issue, and the answer I give is based on the shortest mileage of the scooter transmission box failure as the standard for reasoning, it should be more scientific. So, we can conclude from the following case: 10,000 kilometers of cleaning once,

A Wuyang Honda Xijun 125 came to the repair station to find the repair master, his motorcycle started to make a sound, the accelerator increased to run fast, it does not ring, there should be a resonance, to a few repair shops to check, the repair shop said can not find the reason.

The maintenance master rode a circle, after listening to the sound of the motorcycle work, told the owner that it is likely that the front pulley in the transmission box is out of order, the cost of parts, the cost of repair needs a total of 300 yuan, the user needs to solve the problem, 300 yuan can accept, so it is opened.

After the transmission box is opened, it is found that the bushing of the front pulley and the front belt disk have a gap due to wear, which will produce resonance at low speed, and the Plymouth beads of the front pulley all have serious wear. The dust generated inside the transmission box is also more serious. Since such serious wear has occurred, let's take a look at the total mileage of this car is how much it: 15898 kilometers, and wear to such a point is certainly not formed in a day, ask the owner, the owner said that the vibration of the sound is slowly becoming louder, that is to say, it was worn before. According to this judgment, it should begin to wear out at about 10,000 kilometers.

Well, replace the original front belt disc assembly and bushing, test after installation, the sound of vibration is completely eliminated, and the phenomenon of starting shake is also eliminated.

This failure is because the dust generated by the transmission box is too large, of course, we do not rule out the material problem of the parts, but from the mileage of the car we can infer that the ordinary 125 pedal motorcycle transmission box every 10,000 kilometers cleaning and maintenance is relatively safe. Of course, some transmission box air intakes have sponge filters, and the maintenance mileage can be extended to clean and maintain once every 20,000 kilometers. If you insist on saying that you are OK without cleaning up 30,000 kilometers, then you continue! Because I am based on the actual fault mileage judgment, not to say that there will be a fault.

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