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CB400 Reborn? Honda four cylinder new car exposure
Release date:2023.11.01

Honda to restart the small and medium displacement four-cylinder model project is no secret, recently finally have some substantial information disclosure, the new car design patent map was exposed.


From the exposure of the model patent drawing, the new car uses a classic retro design, the appearance of the previous CB400SF can not be said to be only a billion points similar, the details are very familiar, the front double original dashboard looks very strong.

The hardware part is not the focus of this patent, the current display is only the classic vertical front fork, double barrel rear shock absorber, it should be noted that the latter also has a gas cylinder.

The power part is interesting, with the familiar in-line four-cylinder engine, but Honda seems to have optimized emissions this time; It is just that the way of optimization is a little strange, not to start on the engine, but to add some additional support. The engine area has pipes (part 120) connected to the rear of the body and via the valve device (Part 90) to the new part of the "29".

As for what exactly is part 29, there are two guesses, one is the Japanese manufacturers vigorously develop but failed to popularize hydrogen energy, the other is Kawasaki's recently launched hybrid battery kit.

Of course, the above is just a guess, Honda may have a number of preparatory plans, in the launch of the traditional fuel four-cylinder new car, at the same time to develop a new energy four-cylinder model to deal with emissions; As for what the patent will be declared this time, there will be further news to talk with you.


Before, it was disclosed that Honda will re-launch a small and medium-sized four-cylinder new car model, with the exposure of the model patent point of view, the new car is likely to have the retro type that everyone is looking forward to, and the car friends who hold money to see may soon be able to shout out the sentence in their heart: "The train station, 5 yuan can not go ~"

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