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Motorcycle riding not much, maintenance to see mileage or to see time?
Release date:2023.11.01

Delivery guy,

Is currently an important motorcycle consumer group,

You drive every day, you run more miles,

After reaching the mileage specified for motorcycle maintenance,

It has to be maintained,

Like after the run-in period,

It has to be serviced every 3,000 kilometers,

It has nothing to do with time.

2, open less to look at the time

Some ride less than five times a month,

I can't run 2,000 miles a year,

Doesn't it have to be serviced once a year?

Of course not,

The average motorcycle maintenance time is six months,

But if you do run very few miles,

Just maintain it once a year,

No matter how many miles you run,

Less than 3,000 kilometers, of course.

There used to be motorcycle shops for some owners

Conducted a small survey,

The results showed that

70% of the owners are according to the mileage to maintain.

Come to think of it,

Most people buy cars just to drive them,

So 70% of the car owners are driven by mileage

It makes sense to do maintenance.

3, if the odometer is broken look at the oil

There are a lot of car owners,

The car's been around for years,

The odometer is broken,

Otherwise, I'm fine,

I don't want to change my watch

So the maintenance of these cars,

In addition to referring to the previous maintenance frequency,

Also let the maintenance master open the oil gauge to check

Use an oil gauge to glue a drop of oil

Put it on the chrome

If it turns noticeably black

And the oil is no longer sticky, it must be replaced.



In fact, every brand of motorcycle,

For maintenance time and mileage,

The rules are all different,

The most obvious is to look at the car maintenance manual,

With detailed time and distance,

The owner must have a clear idea.

Why do you say you don't ride much on a motorcycle

Should it be maintained at least once a year?

Because motorcycles

Experienced a round of spring, summer, autumn and winter

Oil is more or less emulsified

If you maintain it by mileage,

Not only will the oil change,

Gear oil can also produce wax formation

As a result,

Or to maintain their own car scientifically.

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