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Small displacement engine oil filtration method
Release date:2023.11.09

Honda engine, Yamaha engine have no oil filter, only an oil filter, from this point is not the Suzuki engine design more reasonable and advanced?

In fact, although Honda and Yamaha's small-displacement engines do not have paper oil filters, their engines also have their own oil filtration methods, and the design is relatively scientific. Their way is that the oil is coarse filtered through the metal filter screen, and then it will be filtered through a centrifugal filter oil cup next to the crankshaft, the oil through this device, the metal powder will be thrown by the centrifugal device to the oil cup around to stay, the filtered oil will flow out through the oil cup, and then supply the whole car lubrication system.

The advantage of this filtration method is that the maintenance cost is low, and the owner who knows the maintenance can open the right cover of the engine and regularly clean the centrifugal filter oil cup, and it can be cleaned once for 20,000 kilometers. Some owners only clean the engine when it is repaired, and the engine is almost never cleaned if it is not repaired. The weakness of this way is that the particles of oil carbonization are difficult to filter, so the small-displacement engine should be replaced every 2 to 3000 kilometers, and it is the heat engine to change the oil, the purpose is also to take away these particles of oil carbonization to prevent the accumulation of sludge, if this type of engine does not change the oil for a long time, open the oil cap, the inner wall of the engine parts will form a layer of black sludge, When buying a used car, you can judge the usual maintenance status of the car from this point.

Suzuki's small displacement engine does not have this centrifugal oil filter device inside, but has a paper oil filter on the outside. The advantage of this filter method is that the oil filter is thoroughly filtered, but the oil filter should be replaced regularly. Once the oil filter is not changed for a long time, the oil filter is blocked seriously, or the replacement of inferior oil filter, the oil is equal to no filter. It seriously affects the oil circulation and lubrication in the engine, resulting in damage to the parts, and the noise of many GS engines that are not regularly maintained becomes louder, which is the reason.

Therefore, small displacement owners do not have to worry, although their motorcycle engine does not have a paper filter, but also filtered, as long as the regular replacement of oil, can completely make the engine clean work, and maintenance costs are relatively low, Haojue small displacement in the Suzuki after, GZS150 ESR engine, UHR150 engine is set according to Honda's centrifugal filter mode, those who take the oil filter to fool the car friends business, I do not know how to explain this?

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