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All Honda vintage pedals, why the five Tapa 100 can't sell the new NS125LA?
Release date:2023.11.09

The same vintage Honda scooter, why the five Tapa did not sell as well as the new NS125LA?

This question may be subjective, because no one has come up with exact data to prove that the five Tapa is not as good as the NS125LA, but according to the market influence, the frequency of the market terminal to see the vehicle to infer. Then again, these two years NS125LA is a relatively successful model of the new book, why is more successful than the five retro pedal Tapa, I think there are mainly the following three aspects:

1. The cause of displacement

Tapa displacement is 100, NS125LA is 125, and 100 displacement is supposed to be the signature dish of Wuyang Honda, but the R & D personnel of Wuyang Honda manufacturers also want to change their thinking, don't hold the 100 engine reluctant to let go. The impact of the electric car market on the motorcycle market is gradual, before the new continent Honda to see freedom Today exports to Japan so large, so the freedom Today sold to the domestic market, the result of two releases, all failed, because 50 displacement is easily replaced by electric cars. Now the electric car market has begun to impact the 100-displacement scooter market. 100 displacement can no longer become the mainstream of the market.


Now is a critical period for the transition of motorcycles to the personalized market, and 125 displacement has become the lowest choice for people who can still buy motorcycles. And 100, 110 is mainly the southern market, the northern market can not sell.

2. Reasons for appearance and configuration

We compare the appearance of Tapa and NS125LA, at a glance, it can be seen that NS125LA is closer to the style of European retro pedal VESPA, and the body is larger, although Tapa is also a retro pedal style, but the failure is in the headlights and steering front cover, steering front cover almost no retro style, the headlights are placed in the center of the front panel. Let consumers more mistaken for electric vehicles.

The configuration goes without saying, just upgraded Tapa on the keyless start, the EFI system is used in Keihama I-FI, and the NS125LA is Honda PGM-FI, Honda keyless start. For the body, the front trunk Tapa is exposed, and the NS125LA is built in. Tapa seat bucket is one smaller than NS125LA, the diameter of the front wheel is also 2 inches smaller, all in all, NS125LA a little more expensive customers can accept, the most critical point is that NS125LA modification space is larger, because many customers after the modification, people mistakenly think that it is a VESPA.

3, manufacturers focus on the reasons

Wuyang Honda has always been a car sea tactics, and its scooter models are dizzying, which is an advantage, but it is also a disadvantage, because these models are difficult to highlight the focus. New continent Honda is not the same, perhaps Honda's reasons, may also be the new continent Honda's own efforts, anyway, the new continent Honda in all models are far less than five, but also created a split line, CBF190TR, NS125LA and other flow models, and Wuyang Honda in each model can sell, and are not sold well embarrassing situation.

Based on the above three points, it has led to the same Honda vintage pedal, five tapa 100 can not sell the new NS125LA reasons.

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