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Can a motorcycle battery be used in common with an electric car battery?
Release date:2023.11.09

There are two main types of lead-acid batteries used in vehicles: one is a starting battery for motorcycles and cars, and the other is an electric vehicle

Starting battery: As the name suggests, this battery is mainly used for ignition and start of automobiles and motorcycles. The starting battery is generally a liquid-rich battery, that is, you can see the flow of electrolyte, the starting battery has four main characteristics:

1. Instantaneous and short-term discharge current is particularly large, which is convenient for vehicle ignition and start.

2. The positive and negative terminals are large and the plate is large, which can carry instantaneous large current.

3. Can adapt to discharge while charging at any time. After the vehicle starts, the starting battery is constantly charged.

4. Compared with the power battery, the starting battery plate has less electrolyte, which can meet the heat dissipation requirements.


The power battery mainly provides power for electric vehicles and maintains the work of the whole car circuit and control system. This battery is generally a lean type of battery, that is, no flowing electrolyte can be seen. Its main features are three:

1. Large capacity, can discharge for a long time.

2. The volume and weight should be moderate to control space and vehicle weight.

3. The pile head is small, so it can not carry a large current, otherwise it will shorten the battery life or even damage the battery.

The discharge rate of the battery of the car and motorcycle is shorter than that of the electric vehicle battery, and the discharge rate of the general starting battery will be rapidly shortened after the current becomes larger, because after the discharge current is increased, a part of the electrical energy will be lost into heat energy. Therefore, the activated battery is installed in an electric vehicle, which can not run far and is not durable.

The electric car battery installed on the car motorcycle is not good, long-term use, the start of too much current will make the electric car battery life quickly shortened, and the electric car battery is generally designed flow is 20 amp, such a current on the motorcycle, especially the electric spray system motorcycle, is prone to failure of the electric spray system.

Since the electric vehicle battery belongs to the lead-acid battery, its characteristics and characteristics are the same as the ordinary lead-acid battery, the charging process will lose water, and the loss of water is the key factor to determine the battery life, although the current are maintenance-free batteries, but the battery life is greatly affected by the quality of the charger. Generally, the use of original chargers is more secure for the charging of electric vehicle batteries.

If it is a carburetor motorcycle, the temporary use of electric vehicle batteries, as long as it can be installed, it can still be emergency, long-term use is not recommended.

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