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The difference between ordinary cylinder, electroplated ceramic cylinder and silicon aluminum alloy cylinder!
Release date:2023.11.09

Today, a fan asked me, is the motorcycle ceramic cylinder made of ceramic? There are many people mistakenly think that the ceramic cylinder is made of ceramic, and some car dealers sell cars to the ceramic cylinder body as a gimmick, big blow, today we will uncover its mystery.

The ceramic cylinder block is actually a composite coating of silicon and nickel plated on the surface of the ordinary cylinder block, which can play a high temperature resistance, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, low friction, light weight and so on. Because the enamel of ceramics is also composed of aluminosilicate, quartz and other materials, therefore, researchers call the cylinder with silicon nickel coating ceramic cylinder. Therefore, the ceramic cylinder is not made of ceramic at all.

Ceramic cylinder also has weaknesses, that is, the cost is high, in the high temperature and high pressure knock environment, easy to crack, damage cylinder piston components, so the ceramic cylinder processing is more difficult.

In order to solve this problem, there are manufacturers of silicon aluminum alloy, make a cylinder, such a cylinder not only has the advantages of ceramic cylinder, and performance is more stable than ceramic cylinder, this is Yamaha blue core engine with silicon aluminum alloy cylinder, Yamaha's patented products, it is said that Yamaha in order to prevent silicon aluminum alloy cylinder manufacturing technology outflow, until now, All of Yamaha's scooter blocks are still imported from Japan.


Ordinary cylinder, electroplated ceramic cylinder, silicon aluminum alloy cylinder, constitute the current motorcycle engine of the three mainstream cylinder, in fact, in the small displacement channel motorcycle, with ordinary cylinder is enough to support a long service life, many small brands with electroplated ceramic cylinder is a little hype concept, even if these small brands really use electroplated ceramic cylinder, If the service life of other parts does not keep up, is not equal to zero?

Yamaha's silicon aluminum alloy is Yamaha's unique skill, which is taken out in order to firmly circle the Yamaha powder, Yamaha's blue core engine is indeed more in place, fuel consumption, acceleration and other aspects of excellent performance. But silicon aluminum alloy cylinder is not a myth, I have encountered Yamaha NMAX burning oil phenomenon, which is how to explain?

Therefore, good power is good in all aspects, the use of close coordination between the various parts and the design life is almost the same, is a good engine, highlight a concept of the engine, you just listen to it, as for the actual quality, first look at the people riding again!

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