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When it comes to safety, these tire knowledge must be understood
Release date:2023.11.23

Owning a motorcycle, whether it is daily walking, going out to run in the mountains on weekends, or about three or five good friends, to go on a trip, can add some different colors to life outside of work. Motorcycles are not just simple means of transportation, but big toys that enhance the joy of life.

The mechanical structure of the motorcycle determines that the vehicle cannot only ride, and we must do relevant maintenance on time. In daily riding, the parts that should be paid attention to, such as tires, you may ignore it, tires are not taken seriously, and it affects riding safety very much. Today, Xiaobian will share some relevant knowledge about tires with you, and it is recommended to collect and save.

1. Size identification


Figure 120/70-15, where 120 represents the width of the tire surface. 70 represents the flat ratio of the tire, and 15 represents the diameter of the wheel for the vehicle, that is, for the 15-inch wheel.

2, authentication logo 

As shown in the figure, E4 7R-0006823 represents the safety certification mark of the tire in the European market. The following number is generally 7 digits, in the European market for sales, the need for such identification, most tires will also have the DOT symbol, indicating that this tire, in line with the certification of the United States Department of Transportation Security, usually followed by a string of numeric letters, representing respectively, origin information and factory code.

3, tire pressure identification


AT 32P.. S1.(225KPa)COLD; It means that the maximum tire pressure index under cold tires is 225kpa, that is, 2.25 standard atmospheres.

4. Tire structure

As shown in the figure, the letter NYLON indicates that the tread structure of the tire is nylon material, some are called nylon tires, and the tire body cord layer is composed of several layers of hanging rubber cord, 4P.R. Represents the use of 4 layers of cord structure, of course, the more the number of layers, the stronger the load capacity, usually there is a motorcycle radial tire can choose, that is, the common name of the steel tire, the body and the belt layer is composed of multiple layers of steel cord, with high strength, large load capacity of the advantage, the radial tire is represented by the symbol R.

5. Direction sign

As shown in the figure, the English letter plus an arrow symbol indicates the direction of the tire, to prevent the performance decline caused by reverse installation, and the abnormal drainage function of the pattern.

6. Wear mark

There is usually a TWI mark on the edge of the tire, which corresponds parallel to the raised place in the tire pattern, and you can intuitively see the degree of wear. When it is worn to the bump of the pattern, it has basically reached the limit of safety, and it should be timely to make the tire and avoid safety hazards.

Your vehicle parking time, or the number of miles run each year is less, most cases are parked, it is recommended that you need to ride, check whether the tire is intact, tire pressure is normal, etc., for a long time the tire will age, the tire may produce cracks, there are certain safety risks.

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