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PCX150 rear pulley abnormal noise elimination
Release date:2023.11.23

A PCX150 owner drove 24116 kilometers, he reflected to the maintenance master, his motorcycle in the gas, turn the rear wheel, will make a larger sound, especially in recent times, the sound is getting bigger and bigger.

When the rear wheel rotates loudly, it is generally a bearing failure, but there are bearings in many places of the rear transmission, how to accurately determine which bearing is broken? This requires experience, the bearing in the general gearbox is broken, the rear axle will have a gap, and there is an irregular cluck sound when riding, if the bearing in the rear pulley is broken, the sound is louder, and it is issued from the transmission box. Therefore, the maintenance master judged that the bearing inside the rear pulley was broken.

General maintenance, are directly changed after the pulley assembly, at least about 400 yuan, plus hours, how also more than 500, however, if only change the bearing inside the pulley, although a little more trouble, hours may be a little more, but the price of accessories can save a lot, and, needle roller bearings with the original factory, ball bearings with imported SKF, The same can achieve durable effect. So the maintenance master opened the transmission box and cleaned the transmission box thoroughly by the way.

Open the transmission box to check the rear pulley, PCX150 front pulley is FCC (Fuji), the rear pulley did not have any logo, do not know what brand. Remove the pulley, turn the rear wheel, without any sound, install the pulley, the sound is very obvious, it is very sure that the rear pulley bearing is broken, so disassemble the pulley, found that the ball bearing inside is broken, since there is a bearing broken, is bound to affect the integrity of the other bearing, for the sake of insurance, the needle roller bearing is also replaced. After replacing the pulley bearing, the pulley is installed on the rear axle, and the rear wheel is turned, and almost no noise can be heard, indicating that the fault has been eliminated.

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