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Takeaway brother, your EFI motorcycle is prone to these four types of failures!
Release date:2023.11.23

Now, Meituan and hungry me two major take-out brands, across the country to attract a large number of take-out boys employed, because of the particularity of take-out industry management, take-out boys motorcycle performance reliability is crucial, now many take-out boys are using the joint venture brand pedal motorcycle as a transport tool, but even so, The takeaway boy's motorcycle is still due to the lack of necessary maintenance problems, the most common are the following five types of problems.

1. Starting motor failure;

Because the takeout brother often starts the motorcycle, it is easy to lead to the carbon brush failure of the starting motor, or the oil seal damage of the starting motor leads to the oil intake of the starting motor, weakening the starting function of the motor.

2. The oil ring is stuck;

Take-out brother in order to rush, often delay the motorcycle maintenance time, many take-out brother are more than 5000 kilometers to maintain once, so it is most easy to produce carbon deposit because of overuse of oil, the oil ring of the motorcycle piston is stuck, resulting in the motorcycle slightly burning oil. So, no matter how busy the delivery boy is, he can't neglect to maintain his motorcycle regularly!

3, line wear and tear;

Takeaway brother's motorcycle is used frequently, and the line on the car is most likely to break the skin of the line due to excessive friction, short circuit or break, and it is often displayed in a good moment, a moment is broken, forming soft problems, it is difficult to check, takeaway brother turned off on the road, and so on when the maintenance personnel go to the door to save it, and it is good, you can't see the fault at all.


4, gasoline pump failure;

Because the takeout brother motorcycle is used frequently, it is often two years to run 100,000 kilometers, and the gasoline pump must be replaced regularly, otherwise it is easy to burn the gasoline pump.

5, transmission mechanism failure;

Because of the frequent use of motorcycles, the front bead, the rear pulley plate, the bearings and gears in the rear gear box in the transmission mechanism are prone to failure, and they should be regularly maintained and maintained!

The above is the most likely place to sell small brother's motorcycle, simply put, because the characteristics of takeout small brother's car is frequent use, time and other reasons, and many are poor maintenance, it is easy to produce the above five types of failures, even if the takeout small brother's motorcycle is a high-quality motorcycle is no exception, therefore, it is important to make money, regular maintenance may be more important, One is for the vehicle not to go wrong, more importantly, life safety!

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