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Will ZX-6R be introduced into China? Is the price expected to be 110,000?
Release date:2023.11.23

Thailand Kawasaki released 24 models of change, of which the more heavyweight is Kawasaki middleweight master imitation ZX-6R, the appearance of 24 models has been adjusted, the current Thai price of 498,000 baht, equivalent to RMB101,600 yuan, it is worth mentioning that this is a little different, may want to introduce domestic.

According to the information of peers and Kawasaki dealers in Thailand, 24 types of ZX-6R will be produced in the form of CKD in Thailand, imported parts from Japan, and assembled in Thailand, which means that after the introduction of this car in China, it will enjoy zero tariffs, which means that this ZX-6R or will be the same as ZX-4R, there will be a very amazing price!

Kawasaki will this car to CKD in Thailand production purpose is actually more obvious, is aimed at the domestic market, and the ZX-6R of this car, is the only Japanese four factories in the sale can be licensed middleweight imitation match, this is also a serious imitation match, and CBR650R street run very different.

The new Kawasaki ZX-6R is released, and the front face is new and sharp! Configuration upgrade!

The appearance of the 24 ZX-6R has also been upgraded, unclear partners can look at the previous content, power because of emissions reasons compared to the old model has a small decline, but this is not important, as long as the domestic and ZX-4R similar pricing, will be the domestic middleweight and even public upgrade market stirred upside down.


Why do you say so, ZX-6R positioning is a pure imitation race, not a street run positioning, the current domestic market middleweight imitation race only Apulia RS660 and Ducati V2, and the domestic favorite four-cylinder is no one.

There are two main reasons for the fire of Kawasaki's ZX-4R in China: first, the middleweight four-cylinder, 16000 RPM table bottom; The second is the price. ZX-4R Thailand price equivalent to RMB 73,400 yuan, while the domestic price is 69,800 yuan, with the price of ZX-4R, ZX-6R into the country, the price is expected to be about 110,000 yuan, a point to 100,000 is not impossible.

The specific pricing strategy still depends on Kawasaki, if this price comes in, will you buy it? I estimate that the group of CBR650R users may snap up, reproduce a car difficult to find the situation, at that time RS660 believe will usher in a substantial discount, may be 8~9W this price range.

Graphic reprinted from Knight network