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The direction of the motorcycle is unstable, and this is what happened!
Release date:2023.11.23


If the short distance traffic in the city, everyone is reluctant to drive a car, have to take out the motorcycle to clean, riding a motorcycle is much cooler. But many owners found that how to be a good motorcycle, suddenly found that the direction of riding is unstable, and the faster you ride, the more powerful the direction swing, the feeling is too terrible, very dangerous!


In fact, this is not a problem with the steering mechanism of the motorcycle country, but a problem with the tire. Some owners do not understand, what is the relationship between steering instability and tires?

In the summer, the temperature rises, the tires soften, if your tires are used for many years, or have been repaired with rubber strips before, the steel wire or meridian in the tire arm is damaged and broken, such tires are easy to blister after heat, so that the tire deformation, when you ride in the process, the deformed tires can make the body seriously sway, Then you will feel the motorcycle swinging towards the dragon head very much.

Since we understand the reasons, then we should pay attention to check the tires when using motorcycles in the summer, if the tires that have been patched with rubber strips for many times are best not to use, which is easy to produce bubbles or the risk of sudden loss of air. The aging tires that have been used for many years should also be replaced in time, because the tires are easy to be heated in summer and cause blowout and other phenomena.

There is also a phenomenon that the tire is chronic air leakage, the owner will not pay attention to check for a while, so that the motorcycle tire pressure is not enough to ride, easy to produce heavy direction. In addition, the vacuum tire running for a long time without air will also produce serious meridian fracture phenomenon in the inner arm of the tire, and an air injection will also produce tire deformation. Therefore, the vacuum tire of a long-term lack of air riding is also prone to tire deformation in summer, although this tire may never be repaired.

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