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Electric spray motorcycle winter need hot car?
Release date:2023.11.30

The current solar term is light snow, most parts of the country has begun to enter the winter, in the carburetor era, winter motorcycle need hot car is everyone's consensus, but now motorcycles are EFI, winter can also start with a click, that also need hot car?

There are many sensors on the EFI motorcycle, these sensors will be the ambient temperature, oxygen concentration and other information to the ECU, the ECU through high-speed calculations, will control the air fuel ratio in the engine, so that the motorcycle is easy to start. From this point of view alone, it seems that electric spray motorcycles have no need for hot cars. Moreover, in winter, when the motorcycle is hot at idle, the atomized fuel encounters cold air, it is still easy to produce carbon spot, if the hot car is often idle, over a long time, the carbon deposit is aggravated, it will produce spark plug sintering phenomenon. If the hot car time is not long, the impact is not large. Add a little carbon on a regular basis, and it has almost no effect.

However, if the car is not hot, the oil in the motorcycle engine after a night of precipitation, the lubricating oil on the parts of the engine is already very thin, if the atomized gasoline sprayed into the cylinder meets the cold cylinder wall, condenses into gasoline liquid to clean the oil film, and the damage to the cylinder block, piston, piston ring is larger. Moreover, the oil fluidity in cold weather is poor, and it takes about 10 seconds for the oil to be transmitted to the various parts through the oil pump. If you start the direct refueling bike, the damage to the engine must be greater, in a short period of time is not much impact, over time, it is easy to burn oil. Moreover, some motorcycle oxygen sensor in the working temperature does not meet the requirements of the case, the motorcycle fuel door is also easy to turn off, many electric spray motorcycle winter, although it is easy to start, but the beginning of the idle speed is unstable, easy to turn off, as long as the accelerator is added up, it is normal, all for this reason.

Therefore, the correct way to hot car is to start the motorcycle, do not blast the accelerator hot car, so that the vehicle can be hot car for about 20 seconds at idle, start to drive, the engine has no heat engine, do not ride too fast or fuel the door. The use of carbon cleaning every 10,000 kilometers to clean the carbon deposits in the cylinder can basically ensure the normal work of the motorcycle in winter.


New continent Honda carbon is composed of polymer amine compounds, base oil and high flash point solvent, can effectively clean the nozzle, improve atomization conditions, clean the engine oil supply system, maintain good working conditions, reduce corrosion phenomenon, protect the engine.

Generally, every time the scooter is filled with oil (about 6 liters of fuel tank), use a carbon deposit, every time the straddle cycle is filled with oil (about 12 liters of fuel tank), use two carbon deposits, and every time the large-displacement motorcycle is filled with oil (about 17 liters of fuel tank), use three carbon deposits, refueling should first add carbon deposits, and then refuel, so that carbon deposits and gasoline are fully integrated. Carbon clearing does not need to be added every time refueling, but every 3,000 kilometers can be added once, carbon clearing retail 18 yuan/piece. Those in need can purchase from this public number.

The advantage of accretion carbon is that the carbon deposit of the engine can be removed without removing the engine. If good maintenance is combined with regular accretion carbon, your EFI motorcycle will certainly not have serious carbon deposition.

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