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How long do motorcycle tires last? How often does it change?
Release date:2023.11.30

As we all know, how long can car tires be used, and we all know the harm of aging car tires and how to maintain them, but do you know how long the life of motorcycle tires is? Maybe see here some people will have questions, car tires and motorcycle tires in the material is not much difference, it is necessary to say it alone? In fact, compared with cars, the impact of tires on motorcycles is greater, and riders need to pay more attention.

People who ride bikes often know that the performance of tires will be greatly reduced after the service life, and it is easy to have traffic accidents. If you do not pay attention to the service life of the tire, the tire burst event may be very serious.

The use of motorcycle tires and car tires are very different, two-wheeled motorcycles in the turn, to tilt the body to successfully complete the turn, so the use of curved tread design. However, when the motorcycle is running normally, the two sides of the tire are rarely used, resulting in the tire center of many riders being worn flat, but the pattern on both sides is still deep.

In fact, in this case, the tires should be changed, but some motorcycle friends see the tires on both sides are very new, think it is a pity to change now, so they choose to continue to use. In fact, I do not know that the grip of the tire at this time has been greatly reduced, and it will affect the braking distance during straight braking, and the smooth tread will also make the vehicle unstable when turning.


There is also the age of the tire, the side of the motorcycle tire will be marked with a four-digit logo, the first two indicate the number of weeks in the year, the last two indicate the production years. For example, 1317 represents the tire produced in week 13 of '17. The general warranty period of motorcycle tires is five years, and the tire performance parameters beyond this period will gradually decrease.

Xiaobian suggests that the tires of motorcycles must be replaced as soon as possible. For example, usually see if there is damage, go to the repair shop to let a professional check, just look at the years is not enough, to combine the actual driving situation, and then decide whether to replace the tire.

Motorcycle tires also have a mark that indicates the degree of wear, which can generally be found in the tire pattern, when the tread is worn here, do not take the chance, it is time to change. Because the tire of the motorcycle and the tire of the car in the ground contact is very different, even if the tire width of the motorcycle reaches 200, the ground contact area is the size of a business card.

Even if it is barely repaired, it will not last long, because the curved tread of the motorcycle is easier to deform when driving than the car, and it will tear the wound again, leading to the risk of air leakage or even a flat tire, if the sidewall of the tire is punctured, then please replace the tire directly. Before each ride, check the tires and replace them immediately if cracks and bumps are found. These phenomena are powerful time bombs. One blow will kill you.

At present, a pair of tires with excellent performance is really not cheap, as long as the method is proper in daily riding, it can still extend the life of some tires. First of all, drive as gently as possible, reduce the violent large throttle output, of course, can not burn tires, but those who are obviously not very gentle driving, do not say you will understand.

And the general performance of good tires are relatively soft, so when the motorcycle is parked, try to choose a cool place to avoid sun exposure, because the strong ultraviolet rays will accelerate the aging of rubber, the fetal quality becomes hard, then it will reduce the grip, so when turning it will easily cause sideslip and crash accidents.

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