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What are the top 10 most expensive motorcycles in the world
Release date:2023.11.30

Many people's impression of motorcycles may stay in the wind, luxury level, and even some people have a certain bias against motorcycles, but the price of luxury motorcycles may not be cheaper than cars, and even some prices can buy a luxury car, together to sum up the world's top ten most expensive motorcycles.

1.Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter

The price is 350 million yuan, produced by Neiman Company, and the top speed can reach 300KM/h, but the global limit is only 45 units.

2.Ecosse ES1 Spirit

The price is 120 million yuan, the maximum speed is 402KM/h, the speed is extremely fast, and the requirements for drivers are relatively high.

3.Hildebrand & Wolfmuller

About 120 million yuan, the appearance resembles a bicycle, although the vehicle performance is not very strong, but has a high collection value.

4.Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike

The price is about 19 million yuan, known as "Dodge Tomahawk", equipped with 8.3L V10 engine, strong performance, the design maximum speed can reach 670KM/h, but the power is too strong, may cause engine spontaneous combustion due to friction between the tire and the ground, high-speed air will also affect the rider, now has not tested the limit speed.

5.ICON Sheene

The price is about 6.5 million yuan, and the global limit is 52 sets.

6.NCR Mike Hailwood TT

About 5.5 million yuan, limited to 12 units worldwide, expensive.

7.MV Agusta F4 CC

The price is about 5 million yuan, limited to 100 units worldwide, which is launched in memory of the former chairman of MV AGUSTA, and the collection value is very high.


8.Vyrus 987 C3 4V

Priced at about 4.2 million yuan, the entire car resembles a spring, with both front and rear wheels equipped with shaking bones, a unique design, and a water-cooled engine.

9.Confederate B120 Wraith

10.MV Agusta F4 Claudio

The price is about 1.38 million yuan, the use of carbon fiber body design, wheel, caliper and shock absorption performance are track level, the vehicle shape is very beautiful.

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