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How to avoid buying fake motor oil?
Release date:2023.12.07

Oil is our majority of riders both familiar and unfamiliar products, say it is familiar, because our motorcycle maintenance every time to use it, say it is strange, who can really judge the quality of the oil from the naked eye, the level of quality? The amount is large, it is not easy to distinguish between good and bad, the grade is large, the composition is different, the price difference is also large, these characteristics directly lead to the rampant oil fraud phenomenon! How to avoid buying fake oil?

Oil according to raw materials can be divided into: mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil, fully synthetic oil, the price difference between the three to double or even several times, according to the grade can be divided into SE, SF, SG, SJ, SL, SM, SN, anyway, the back of the letter according to the English alphabetical order, the higher the grade, the more expensive the price will be. According to the low temperature resistance and viscosity index, the oil is divided into 10W-30, 5W-40 and so on.

The main component of mineral oil is extracted from crude oil, and then it is OK to add some oil additives. Synthetic oil is produced by using synthetic ester oil and oil additives. So the cost is much higher, but these two kinds of oil can not be seen by the naked eye. And then what is the definition of fake oil? The definition of fake oil is divided into two kinds, one is to use the recovered waste oil, through precipitation, filtration, purification, color, adding additives, directly produce transparent and clear oil and then put into the market, the quality of this oil can be guessed, this is the raw material direct fraud.

Well, isn't it true that if we dump the machine, we can prevent counterfeiting? In fact, waste oil will be dumped at will, will seriously pollute the environment, each place has a special recycling agency to collect waste oil back and forth, and then these oil recovery, part of the oil is used to refine diesel, part of the building materials, and part of the national regulations in the authentic oil, also need to be mixed with about 10% of the recovered oil, in order to recycle, attention, Only according to the prescribed proportion of mixing, not all use!

Another is that the base oil is also refined with normal crude oil, but the grade is fake, the brand is fake, and the price of the low-grade oil is sold at the price of the high-grade or the price of the big brand. This fake oil is mainly from the packaging effort. It is for this reason that many big brands of oil have done their homework on packaging anti-counterfeiting, but they can not stop the means of counterfeiters and consumers' limited recognition ability.

So how do you identify fake oil? Of course, there are professional testing equipment can be detected, then ordinary people who have this equipment? Either use the soil method, put the oil in the refrigerator at 25 degrees below 0 for a day, and then look at the state of the oil. I took samples of mineral oil and fully synthetic oil that are often used on the market and put them in the freezer at 25 degrees below 0, and I will show you the results today. The average motorist wouldn't go through this to change a bottle of oil.

So in good conscience, I don't have a very effective way to identify fake oil at a glance, but can I tell you how to avoid buying fake oil as much as possible?

First of all, oil should be bought online as little as possible, and it should also be bought in the official mall. If you are cheap on the Internet, you are almost 100% successful. Secondly, to the brand 4S shop to buy oil, generally there is no fake, although a little more expensive, but people help you change, it is nothing, after all, now artificial than materials are more expensive.

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