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V-cylinder 500cc cruise? Haojue row new platform exposure
Release date:2023.12.07

Haojue's large-displacement model development plan has finally made substantial progress, the domestic big brother declared a new V-type two-cylinder engine power platform patent, the new V2 engine is still a little different from the current V2 650.

From the disclosure of patent information, Haojue's new V2 engine Angle is smaller than the Suzuki 650 90 degrees, is expected to be between 45 and 75 degrees; The external structure of the engine is different, and the fulcrum is installed at the front and rear ends, which is more suitable for the traditional cradle frame.

This leads to some interesting assumptions. The first is that the displacement of the new engine is expected to be less than 650cc, and the power output will be biased towards medium-low torque. The common models of cradle frame are cruise and retro street cars, and this V2 engine is likely to be the first to be applied to cruise models.

Haojue was previously exposed in the layout of the full line of models, the unknown platform under 650 is 500, 350. With the TR300 already in place, a V2 350 cruise is a bit unnecessary, and the V2 500 makes sense to be used for dislocation competition.


Of course, as I said earlier this is just a guess. When the domestic price is so serious, it is not impossible for Haojue to launch V2 350 cruise to hit itself, but I personally feel that this possibility will be much smaller. If you really want to do something bold, it is better to develop sports models with V2 engines like KTM, and then give you a small shock will not be full of marketing ~

Now the domestic 300-500cc level market is already a red sea, and many manufacturers have begun to seek breakthroughs in multi-cylinder large displacement. The old Hajue, known for its quality, did not follow the trend, but followed its own pace. Although it seems slower, but there is a good reputation for endorsement, there are still many riders looking forward to.

Haojue medium displacement model plan is gradually advancing, whether a good meal is not afraid of late, it depends on Haojue to serve you what dish. What can you expect from Haojue's new V2?

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