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KTM has officially unveiled the 2024 1390 DUKE R, which is more tolerant and grumpy
Release date:2023.12.07

Following the revelation of the 1390 DUKE, KTM has released the 2024 1390 Super Duke R Evo, which is more radical, larger, more powerful and more advanced than before.

Needless to say, the new 1390 DUKE EVO has plenty of character. The air inlet and air filter have been redesigned, and the small fixed wing is not a decoration, and can provide 3kg downforce at 260km/h, which requires a little strength to play this role.

Christof Taubl, chief designer from Kiska, said: "Our task was to develop a car that looked as radical as the ride. People who like the look will buy it. We don't give much thought to what other people think."


The engine displacement of the new car was increased from 1301cc to 1350cc, a new camshaft was designed with variable valve timing, and the maximum horsepower was increased to 190PS@10000rpm and the maximum torque was 145N·m@8000rpm.

There is another highlight is that the newly optimized engine allows the valve clearance check to be extended to 60,000 kilometers, and the durability is further improved, and the KTM has become more durable.

The 2024 1390 DUKE EVO is equipped with the Apex semi-active electronic suspension system of the third generation WP, the SCU (Suspension Control Unit) combines the information provided by the travel sensor and IMU system with the selected ride mode - Auto, comfort, rain, street or sport. Adjust the damping rate through the magnetic valve in real time to suit the riding conditions and rider style.

For braking, there is the new Brembo MCS (Multi-click System) package, the new clutch cylinder has a self-ventilation system, and the Brembo Stylema calipers are still strong. The auxiliary system also has 5 controllable anti-tilt head system and so on.

Although the displacement has been increased, the tank capacity has increased by 1.5L from the previous generation to 17.5L, while the repair mass remains at 212kg, and the EVO can even be reduced from 213.5kg to 212kg. These benefit from the various details of the upgrade.

The new 1390 Super Duke R Evo is priced at $21,499 in North America, about RMB 153,500 yuan.

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