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Motorcycle, how many kilometers should you change the oil once
Release date:2023.12.14

For motorcycles, for ordinary oil, it is more appropriate to replace the oil every 2,000 kilometers. For fully synthetic oil, it is more appropriate to replace it every 5,000 kilometers.

In this regard, there are different opinions in the motorcycle circle, we discuss and analyze it one by one:

1, there is a saying that the motorcycle must change the oil frequently, the new car every 300 kilometers, three times, and then every 1,000 kilometers;

2, another way of saying is that motorcycles and cars are the same, the new car three thousand kilometers to change the oil, and then every five thousand kilometers to change the oil, you can.


Who should I listen to?

No hurry, let's analyze the truth behind these arguments, we know what we should do.

First analyze the first statement, advocating frequent oil change, mostly motorcycle dealers and after-sales maintenance personnel, there are two reasons:

The first is the benefit, because many car friends will choose to let dealers or sales later change the oil, which oil change frequently, change the number of times the greater the sales, the more profit;

The second is the responsibility, often change the oil for the motorcycle is beneficial and harmless, but also to enhance the owner's maintenance awareness, reduce the dealer's after-sales pressure, in case there is any quality problem of the motorcycle engine, very individual businesses can use the owner did not change the oil on time as an excuse to evade responsibility...

Then study the second statement, advocating that motorcycles should be the same as cars, every 5,000 kilometers to change the oil of the motorcycle friends, most of the old drivers, they ride motorcycles for more than ten years or even decades, that motorcycles and cars, are four-stroke gasoline engines, maintenance methods are naturally the same.

However, they ignore that the new motorcycle and the old motorcycle more than ten years ago is not the same, the current motorcycle engine is mostly high speed, high power, high compression ratio, high working temperature, so from the working conditions, the motorcycle engine than the car engine working conditions to be worse;

And motorcycles are mainly single cylinder, double cylinder, and most of the cars are four cylinders, six cylinders, like a person working and six people working, the degree of fatigue is always different; Compared with a car, the work load of a single cylinder on a motorcycle is much heavier.

Therefore, it is necessary to increase the maintenance frequency of the motorcycle engine appropriately and change it a little more frequently than the car. But there is no need to exaggerate as much as individual dealers demand. Different motorcycle replacement cycle is also slightly different, the general oil capacity is large, can be a longer cycle. The oil capacity is small, and the engine is ultra-thin piston ring, the cycle is shorter.

After the exchange between and motorcycle friends, but also based on years of experience, I think that the new car, the total mileage of 500 to 1000 kilometers, the first oil change is more appropriate; When the total mileage is 2,000 kilometers, the second oil change, while cleaning or replacing the filter; After every three thousand kilometers to replace the oil, every six thousand kilometers to replace the filter, you can.

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