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Some motorcycle lines have been losing for 11 months, and large-displacement motorcycles have fallen from more than 200,000 to 120,000
Release date:2023.12.14


According to the "Daily Economic News" recently visited the new first-tier city motorcycle dealers got feedback:

Entering 2023, the motorcycle industry began to cold. In January, Mr. Sun said, he was sick and didn't go to the store for more than 10 days. After the illness returned to the store, the business is not good, and then it is a "mess", more than ten months down only sold more than 300 cars, sales fell 70%, even in the traditional peak season, "bald" is normal.

According to the person in charge of a motorcycle dealer in a new first-tier city, his motorcycle line has lost 11 months in a row, and the money earned in the previous two years has been taken in. In its stores, more than 60% of the motorcycles sold this year are at a loss. It is not surprising that a motorcycle with a price of twenty or thirty thousand yuan will be reduced by two or three thousand yuan, and there are many discounted ones. The person in charge ordered his employees to sell their cars within three months, or they would lose money. Five or six years ago, a similar motorcycle would not have lost money for a year.


And imported motorcycles cut prices even more. Honda, BMW, Harley, Ducati and other international big-name motorcycle prices "cut in half", before more than 200,000 Ducati big devil, now as long as 1230,000 yuan; Used cars, not to mention Ducati for $50,000. "Even the international brands that are at the top now have to bend over to this market."

In fact, for large displacement motorcycles, dealers represented by car shops and repair shops have very meager profits. According to the person in charge of the car, the price of the domestic car is mostly 20,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan, and the profit margin is about 7%; The price of imported cars is more than 100,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan, but the profit margin is lower, about 5%. On the contrary, the profit margin of small-displacement motorcycles is high, especially used cars, which may appear to eat 3,000 yuan and sell 5,000 yuan.

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