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390ADV big revamp, new shape, power upgrade, lightweight design
Release date:2023.12.14

At present, if you want to buy a hard ADV model in the 300~400cc class, the KTM 390ADV is famous, but strictly speaking, it should not be in this ranks. Recently, KTM has been exposed to change this situation, the big change 390 ADV can finally take a shortcut.

From the road test car point of view, the new 390ADV changes are still very big, the front face neither continued Kendo face, nor did the new shaped light group, but closer to the Dakar Rally car. The new round lens light set plus aerodynamic windshields are equally recognizable.

The tank deflector is connected to the front, the distinctive donkey's head is hidden, and the rear seat cushion is a common design for rally cars. Combined with the spoke wheels upgraded from 19 and 17 to the first 21 and 18, the high fender, the new 390ADV's off-road capability can be seen by the naked eye, which can safely walk the bad road.

The new 390 ADV also uses the same main frame as the new Duke, the aluminum rear rocker is a slimmer design, and the rear shock absorber placement is also changed, which should be adjusted to take into account the need to cut corners.

Under the new frame is the displacement increased from 373cc to 399cc new generation LC4c platform, although the displacement is increased, but the maximum power output on the new DUKE is 33kW, the maximum torque is increased by 3N·m to 39N·m; This is also enhanced for ADV models.

In addition, the hardware part is adjusted, the known front brake disc is changed from the left side to the right side, and the WP shock absorption travel is also extended, but the specific data is not disclosed at present.

KTM finally remembered that their ADV is known for cutting corners, and the big change 390ADV looks very wild. The previous generation of models in the outdoor riding a little can not enjoy, and the new upgrade brought by the large single cylinder + lightweight off-road design, think about it can make people a little excited ~

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